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FREEing 1/4 Scale Lucky Star Outfits

By , April 2, 2010 12:11 am

Remember those huge 1/4 scale Lucky Star figures by FREEing?  Well, I quite liked them and I haven’t forgotten about them ^^.  That’s why I persisted on acquiring the sailor and miko outfits that were released for Wonder Festival a while back.

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“Super” Tsukasa & Miyuki (FREEing)

By , February 9, 2010 9:14 pm

It’s quite a while since I’ve done a proper figure review, hasn’t it? ^^;
Time to change that!  This time, I have a special treat.  Following the Super Konata and Super Kagami reviews from last year, it’s a Super Tsukasa and Super Miyuki double review!  These lovely ladies round out the last two entries of FREEing’s 1/4 scale Lucky Star set. Continue reading '“Super” Tsukasa & Miyuki (FREEing)'»

Some new goodies

By , November 1, 2009 11:10 pm

Some recently acquired goodies ^^.  I’ve got a long list of figures that I have not yet had a chance to post about but have been quite busy recently (more on that soon).  First up is the adorable and unique Kagabu plushie from Lucky Star.  Kagabu is not an official character from the series.  From some Google’ing, I found that there is a doujinshi comic in which Kagami is a pig/girl thing and this is what it’s based on.  I haven’t read the manga so I don’t actually know what it’s about ^^;  However, that didn’t stop me from wanting my own Kagabu :D

goodies 01


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Clayz 1/8 Hiiragi Tsukasa & Takara Miyuki

By , July 6, 2009 11:39 am

clayz lucky star 01

Finally, new Lucky Star figures have arrived!  It’s been 6 months since I first received the first half of Clayz’s 1/8 Lucky Star set, which included Kagami and Konata.  Now, it’s Tsukasa and Miyuki’s turn ^^. Continue reading 'Clayz 1/8 Hiiragi Tsukasa & Takara Miyuki'»

FREEing 1/4 Tsukasa Hiiragi Pre-ordering Starts

By , June 16, 2009 9:24 am


Tsukasa Hiiragi, the airheaded twin sister of Kagami, is now up for pre-ordering.  This is the 3rd figure in the 1/4 scale Lucky Star set by FREEing.  Konata and Kagami ordering has already begun.  Konata was scheduled to be released this month but has been delayed until late July.


I personally like Tsukasa’s pose in this figure.  Kagami might have looked a bit odd, but Tsukasa is brimming with cuteness ^^.  A definite pick for me.  She will retail for 12,800 (ouch!).  Hobby Search has started reservations for her at 11,581 yen.  She will be begin shipping in September.  Miyuki will be the next figure in the FREEing’s 1/4 scale set :)

More info and pics at the GSC site.

FREEing 1/4 Tsukasa preview

By , May 26, 2009 10:12 am


Atelier Sai’s Tsukasa up for Preorder

By , April 14, 2009 11:51 am


Lookie, it’s a Tsukasa figure!  This figure is now up for preorder at your favorite online shops.  Tsukasa’s onee-san, Kagami, is already scheduled for a May release (Also by Atelier Sai).  I ordered her a while ago ;)

Maybe the Lucky Star fans out there will also want to pick up this lovely Tsukasa figure to complete the Hiiragi sisters?  She will be released in August for ¥4800.  More infos can be found at Atelier Sai’s site.  If you want to preorder her now, try Hobby Search :)

Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.

By , March 29, 2009 10:42 pm


Lookie, Tsukasa and Miyuki Nendoroids!  These are the Comptiq versions which were released earlier this month.  The Comptiq versions were only available by order through the Comptiq magazine so I had to go through a third party to get these pre-ordered last fall.  Got a pretty good deal on them too since I did order them so early.  They can still be found on YJA and Ebay just for an extra premium. Continue reading 'Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.'»

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