Clayz 1/8 Hiiragi Tsukasa & Takara Miyuki

clayz lucky star 01

Finally, new Lucky Star figures have arrived!  It’s been 6 months since I first received the first half of Clayz’s 1/8 Lucky Star set, which included Kagami and Konata.  Now, it’s Tsukasa and Miyuki’s turn ^^.

clayz lucky star 03

First up is Tsukasa, the cute, slightly air-headed twin sister of Kagami.  Having recently discovered the joys of texting, she is clutching her beloved keitai ^^;

clayz lucky star 04

She also has her school bag in the other hand.

clayz lucky star 05

Used my 100mm macro lens for the photos here.  Works great for figure photography.  After reviewing the images, I believe I shot most of the photos with a slightly too narrow aperture as the background did not blend as much as I wanted >_<.

clayz lucky star 06

Tsukasa with her classic yellow ribbon.  She never goes without it (or her keitai) ;)

clayz lucky star 07

One thing I don’t like about Tsukasa’s pose is that she is looking down slightly.  Not a big deal, but required me to shoot from a low angle to get her face plus the rest of the figures in the set are looking straight forward or up.

clayz lucky star 08

Tsukasa’s school shoes.

clayz lucky star 09

Tsukasa looks looks great when viewed completely.  I really do love her  pose in this figure.  The way she is grasping her phone and holding her bag look really cute.  Plus, she is standing with her legs apart and her feet turned in which gives her a really moe appearance ^^;  Her big smile and blushing cheek deal the final, uber-kawaii blow >_<

clayz lucky star 10

Her pose even looks good from behind.  The way she is holding her bag behind her back gives her a super cute look ^^.

clayz lucky star 11

There is a bit of strange yellow coloration on her legs.  It’s somewhat visible in this photos around her knees and socks.  Not sure if that was intentional with the design…

clayz lucky star 12

Looking at other people’s photos of Tsukasa, it looks like the yellow areas were intentional.

clayz lucky star 13

These macro shots reveal flaws in the paint job, but also show that the sculptors kept their white underskirts.  I like that ^^;

clayz lucky star 14

And for the final Tsukasa shot, you get a massive nosebleed for moe overdose XD  Time to move on to Miyuki!

clayz lucky star 15

Here we have the pink moe shoujo Miyuki ^^.

clayz lucky star 17

Not a lot of detail on the hair.

clayz lucky star 18

The clumsy, moe meganeko is the largest and tallest of the set.  Like the rest of the girls, she is dressed in her winter serafuku but comes with the bonus of dark stockings ^^

clayz lucky star 19

Gah, meant to crop this one but uploaded the wrong version >_<

clayz lucky star 22

Poor Miyuki often gets overlooked when Kagami and Konata are around.  I’m sometimes guilty of it myself ^^;

clayz lucky star 23


clayz lucky star 20

The build and paint quality on these Clayz Lucky Star figures is a bit hit or miss.  When I first acquired the Clayz Kagami and Konata back in February, I thought the quality was good (enough).  I’ve purchased a other few high quality figures since then and looking at the Clayz Lucky Star figures more closely, I realize that the overall quality is actually a bit subpar.  The white lines on their skirts, for example, are sloppy at some places.  Seams on the hair and school uniform are also visible enough to be distracting.  Not terrible but definitely not so good ^^;

clayz lucky star 21

The redeeming features of these figures is that they’re relatively inexpensive at ~5,700¥, they’re actually pretty cute, and they’re Lucky Star ;)  Good enough reason for me to get them.

clayz lucky star 24

It would have been nice if her glasses had rims around them ^^;

clayz lucky star 25

Sorry, no zettai ryouiki here ^^;

clayz lucky star 26

And finally, the complete set all together!

clayz lucky star 27

Looking at all four of Clayz’s Lucky Star figures, I think that Tsukasa is the best made and most appealing of the set.  And for me, the reason is the pose.  It’s just really well done in my opinion :D

A good set overall, especially for the big Lucky Star fans out there (like me).  I couldn’t find any online shops that had all four of the girls in stock.  Toylet looked the most promising but they haven’t started shipping Tsukasa or Miyuki yet and they’re a bit more expensive.  Konata seems to be the most difficult to get a hold of but I don’t think any of them are permanently sold out.  Keep looking around if you’re set on getting them!

4 thoughts on “Clayz 1/8 Hiiragi Tsukasa & Takara Miyuki

  1. Observer Extraordinaire

    woooh~! Approved! Tsukasa does look the most appealing. I actually like how she’s looking down, and the blush definitely adds teh moe, tho I can see why photo-snapping might be made more difficult ^^;

    Is it just me or does Miyuki’s hair seem faded? I was expecting it to be a little darker. Still, cute pose :D
    .-= Observer Extraordinaire´s last blog ..Ceph_: Currently reading Spirited Away…I learned some useful kanji (車、門、お母さん、etc) but tokidoki it’s hard to understand =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I agree that her looking down does add to the moe factor, I just didn’t like how it affected my picture-taking ^^;

      I didn’t think Miyuki’s hair was particularly faded but perhaps it is a bit lighter colored than most other sources. I think it looks alright in person ^^


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