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anonymous_object’s current artbook list. When I receive new artbooks, I will update this page with the new info. I may also update the reviews to be more detailed in the future.

This list is quite out of date.  I need to add in a lot of purchases from the past year…

Title:Nocturne by 西又葵
English Title:Nocturne by Aoi Nishimata
ISBN:None (doujin)
Full review of Nocturne located here.

Title: 月夜茶会 by てぃんくる
English Title: Tsukiyo Chakai by Tinkle
ISBN: 978-4757727519
Full review of Tsukiyo Chakai here.

Title: 水上カオリ画集-宝石匣- by 水上カオリ
English Title: – Illustrations – Houseki Bako by Kaori Minakami
ISBN: 978-4797344769
This artbook is choke full of gorgeous images with many different themes. School girls, maids, kimono girls, and fairy tale characters are just some of the themes you’ll find in this book. There are also a good number of gothic lolita images. The images are printed on non-glossy paper, but still look quite good. There are some black & white drawings at the end of the book. Definitely recommended.

English Title: Hidamari
ISBN: 978-4840212892
Goto P is a famous artist whose style is instantly recognizable. Both of the Goto P artbooks have very nice and large (3 full page lengths) pull out posters. This is artbook contains some of his older works and some of the images show it with a lower color depth and his earlier style. There are a few non-worksafe images here but the majority of the book is clean. There is an interview at the end of the book. If you’re like me and just love Goto P’s style, this is a must have!

English Title: Nagomi Hiyori
ISBN: 978-4840225922
This is Goto P’s second artbook collection and the illustrations show the evolution of his style. While most of this artbook is completely safe, there are about 3-4 pages of nakedness in this book. Some cameo black & white illustrations are at the end of the book from various anime and games (Air, Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter, etc) as well as an interview. Definitely recommended.

Title:works SCA自 illustrations (MAGICAL CUTE) By SCA自
English Title: works SCAJI illustrations
ISBN: 978-4757733572
This works collection is by the illustrator ScaJi and has nice images, some of which are a bit ecchi. No full nudity, but some clever poses and slightly see-through clothing hide the naughty places. Characters from sources such as H2O ~Footprint in the Sand~ (rocks your soul!), Fate stay night, and Samurai Spirits. There are black & white sketches and a drawing/Photoshop tutorial at the end of the book.

Title:works基4%イラストレーションズ (MAGICAL CUTE) By 基4%
English Title: works
ISBN: 978-4757734456
By Moto-4%, this illustration book contains images of various anime and game characters printed on non-glossy paper. Though the paper is rough, the images still look pretty good. Contains some black & white sketches at the end of the book as well as a Photoshop tutorial. Not as ecchi as the previous book.

Title:Pieces of the World ―椋本夏夜画集― By 椋本 夏夜 (Kaya Kuramoto)
English Title: Pieces of the World
ISBN: 978-4797344790
A collection of absolutely beautiful images by Kaya Kuramoto. About half of the pages are full page illustrations and the 2-3 illustrations for the other half, each type intermingled throughout the book. Some nice gothic lolita can be found here and other themes such as fantasy themes. It comes in a nice slide-off cover. Recommended.

Title:ささきむつみ画集 ART WORKS 1998-2005 By ささき むつみ (Sasaki Mutsumi)
English Title: Sasaki Mutsumi Art Works
ISBN: 978-4840232951
This hardback artbook is a collection of Mutsumi Sasaki’s art works. Most of the art here is from various video games, a large portion of which are Futakoi characters from the Dengeki G’s magazine but also some from Memories Off and Happy Lesson. I don’t recognize many of the characters but the art is great nonetheless. Pretty good overall.

Title:電撃姫イラストコレクション COSTUME SIDE
English Title: Dengeki Hime – CUSTOME SIDE
ISBN: 978-4840230308
Being that Dengeki Hime is an eroge-based magazine, there are quite a few girls “missing” tops in this artbook but it generally doesn’t go past that. Also, not all of the images are ecchi (some are perfectly clean). Like all the Dengeki Hime artbooks, this is a collection from different artists and has some nice images.

Title:Moe Side―電撃姫イラストコレクション
English Title: Moe Side, Dengeki-Hime – Moe Side (Illustrations)
ISBN: 978-4840229357
More complete review here

Title:電撃姫イラストコレクション Girls Museum〈2005‐2006〉
English Title: Degenki Hime – Girls Museum
ISBN: 978-4840233811
The next iteration of Dengeki Hime collections. This artbook feels a bit more ecchi than CUSTOME SIDE, but aside from a couple images, it limited to girls missing tops. Again, not all of the illustrations are ecchi and has some fantastic images.

Title:電撃姫イラストコレクション Sweet Girls
English Title: Dengeki Hime – Sweet Girls
ISBN: 978-4840238205
The latest collection of Dengeki Hime illustrations continues the trend of some ecchi, some clean images. As with the previous volumes, the art in this book is from various artists and is, overall, excellent.

Title:笹弘イラストレーションズ By 笹弘
English Title: Sasahiro Illustrations
ISBN: 978-4860325091
Well, what can I say about this… I bought this artbook based on some images I had seen from it. However, it turned out to be quite a bit more sexually graphic than I had thought. Unlike the Dengeki Hime collections’ more tame topless girls, this has full nudity throughout a good portion of the book. While some of the art is nice, it’s a bit much for me and I think I will try selling it.

English Title: Girls, Girls, Girls!
ISBN: 978-4870317857
This artbook is a collection of illustrations by many different artists.
Skimpy clothing, panty shots, and partially see-through clothing make this collection ecchi, but no nudity. 40 of the 120 pages are of black & white illustrations but I found most them were good. I recommend this artbook if you want to look for new artists.

Title:ガールズガールズガールズ! 2―E★2えつ暦&日本全国ご当地ガール (2)
English Title: Girls, Girls, Girls! 2
ISBN: 978-4870318328
The second collection of Girls, Girls, Girls!. There is a short manga in color in this volume. Like the first volume, there are some ecchi images here, but no nudity. The last 30 pages are black & white illustrations. Both of these books are quite nice. ^^

Title:きみづか葵画集「FRI-FRI」 (Sofgare books) By きみづか 葵
English Title: FRI-FRI
ISBN: 978-4861330568
FRI-FRI is a collection of images by Aoi Kimizuka from various games (most that I don’t know), magazine illustrations, and original work. Some of the images are slightly ecchi, but nothing distasteful. A good artbook overall.

Title:マジキュー・イラストレーションズ (MAGICAL CUTE) By PCエンタテイメント書籍編集部
English Title: Magical Cute – Magi-Cu Illustrations 1
ISBN: 978-4757716490
A collection of illustrations from the Magical Cute magazine by many different artists. Some of the images are ecchi but this is no full nudity. The most questionable image has a girl wearing a somewhat see-through swimsuit. This artbook is a great way to find new artists or just get a look at different artistic styles.

Magical Cute 2

Title:マジキューイラストレーションズ 2 (マジカルキュート) By メディアミックス書籍部
English Title: Magical Cute – Magi-Cu Illustrations 2
ISBN: 978-4757722668
More complete review here

Title:凛 -松本規之画集- (マジカルキュート) by 松本 規之
English Title: Noriyuki Matsumoto – Rin
ISBN: 978-4757725454
More complete review here

Title:SEVEN COLORS of the WIND―七瀬葵画集
English Title: Seven Colors of the Wind
ISBN: 978-4829191323
Seven Colors of the Wind is one of my favorite artbooks, gushing with gorgeous characters from Aquarian Age, Nature Spirits, etc. I don’t recognize most of the characters, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the great art by Aoi Nanase. Definitely recommended.

Title:いとうのいぢ画集 紅蓮
English Title: Noizi Ito – Art Collection – Gu-re-n
ISBN: 978-4840228985
An artbook by the famous artist Noizi Ito. This is a hard cover book and contains illustrations of various game and anime characters such as Tales of Symphonia, Demonbane, and Saya no Uta. If you like Noizi Ito’s art (and who doesn’t), this is a great artbook. Recommended.

English Title: Noizi Ito – Art Collection 2 – Ka-e-n
ISBN: 978-4840239875
Another great hardback artbook by Noizi Ito. Stunningly beautiful art can be found here with vibrant colors on each page. There is one slightly naughty image (nip slip). I recommend both of these artbooks.

Title:GALAXY’S CHILD―後藤なお画集 (MOEOHセレクション) by 後藤 なお
English Title: Galaxy’s Child
ISBN: 978-4840234108
This is one of my favorite and first artbooks which I picked up at Otakon in 2006. The overall feel of this collection is ‘moe’ with many girls in school and gym uniforms with a touch of lolita. The print quality is nice on glossy paper and has no extras, just images. Recommended.

English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio!
ISBN: 978-4063245264
There are some staff member interviews at the end of the book. The Cheerio collections contain illustrations by the TV animation staff of Cardcaptor Sakura. The illustrations themselves came from CD and video covers, posters, and magazines. Since I’m a massive fan of the anime and manga series, I like this book. Those who aren’t CCS crazy may not enjoy it as much.

Title:カードキャプターさくらイラストコレクションチェリオ! (2)
English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! 2
ISBN: 978-4063245295
The second volume of Cheerio! has similar illustrations by the TV series artists, but also includes artwork done for the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie. Like volume 1, there are staff interviews at the end of the book.

Title:カードキャプターさくらイラストコレクションチェリオ! (3)
English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! 3
ISBN: 978-4063245301
There’s not much different in volume 3 of Cheerio! The first part of the book is a follow-up of illustrations by the TV series staff. The second chapter contains artwork done for the 2nd Cardcaptor Sakura movie. Includes staff interviews at the end of the book.

English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustrations Collection
ISBN: 406324525X
Unlike the cel-like drawings of the Cheerio! books (which aren’t bad, just different), these illustration collections are drawn by CLAMP of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga and are genuinely beautiful. Even if I wasn’t such a big CCS fan, I would still love to own these collections just be how nice the art is ^^ There is an extra black & white manga at the end of the book in which Sakura gets sick and her friends come to visit her. Quite cute. Recommended.

Title:カードキャプターさくらイラスト集 2
English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustrations Collection 2
ISBN: 4063245314
The follow-up to the first volume. The first volume had illustrations from 1996-1999, and this second volume has works from 1999-2000. It also has an extra manga at the end. This time Syaron gets sick and Sakura visits him :D. Recommended.

Title:カードキャプターさくらイラスト集 3
English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Illustrations Collection 3
ISBN: 4063245349
The final volume of the Illustrations Collections. Unlike the previous 2 volumes, there is no extra manga or pull out poster in this version :( The art itself is still quite good however. I recommend all three volumes for their beautiful artwork.

English Title: Cardcaptor Sakura Book of TV Animation 2
ISBN: 4063245322
This isn’t really an artbook. The first half is a summary of episodes 47-70 of the TV series. There are then many black & white sketches of the character designs, sets, etc from the series followed by interviews with the voice actors. Good if you like the series. I still need to find the first volume >_<

Title:あずまんが大王 Visual Book 2
English Title: Azumanga Daioh Visuak Book 2
ISBN: 4840222928
Nothing really special here. I just picked this up at a con a few years ago. It has some full page illustrations, but most of the book is a summary of screenshots from the TV series.

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