A trip to Ohio

Over the weekend, I finally got around to visiting my good DD friend Tsunamidelta who lives in northern Ohio.  Not only was he able to show me the interesting places around town, he also brought to some of the best photography settings in the the Cleveland area. On Friday we visited downtown Berea and the campus of Baldwin Wallace University.  We managed to snap some lovely photos of our DDs while in the area.


Since we were attending a Halloween-themed party later that day, we decided to have our girls dress in costume.  Marisa got this lovely Miko outfit and traditional hime-cut wig.  Very cute :)

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Introducing Sachiko

I’d like to introduce my newest DD girl, Sachiko.  She is a SQLab Yukari head with a face-up done by the excellent Hikaru (Ohime-sama Aesthetics).   I wanted to her to have a sort of melancholy look and I think she turned out pretty good! ^^

Sachiko intro-1
In these photos, she’s wearing a Miruya wig, green Cool Cat eyes, and a gothic lolita dress.  I think the outfit fits well with her personality but she also seems to look good in more upbeat styles as well :).  Sachiko was actually one of two new girls whom I recently adopted. More on her companion in a future post ^^

So here are my first photos of Sachiko. Please enjoy ^^

Sachiko intro-2

Her name is Sachiko with 幸 for ‘happiness’.  A bit of a contrast with her neutral expression, but she really is a happy girl ^^

Sachiko intro-3

I love this gothic lolita dress which Sachiko is showing off here.  It was purchased from a fellow DD owner via the DD Flickr group.  It really large when it’s all unfurled like this ^^;

Sachiko intro-4

Lots of ribbons and bows on the dress. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at tying pretty bows >_<

Sachiko intro-5

Lovely green eyes by CoolCat.  They’re priced fair and look great too!

Sachiko intro-6

Sachiko is my first fully custom DD and I’m quite pleased with how she turned out.  The lovely SQLab head certainly helped with that.  More posts soon, thanks for viewing ^^

A new home

In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve been occupied with other matters and here is the reason.  I have purchased my first house! ^^. It was quite an undertaking, I have to say.  In September last year I decided that I didn’t want to sign my apartment lease for yet another year when I could be paying about the same amount towards something I would actually own.  Thus I began a rushed search with only about 2 months to find a house.  After looking at way too many houses, I finally decided on a house that is a bit larger than I probably need ^^; This was mainly because it was a great deal. Not only is it two stories, but it has a basement which is not as common.  The only catch was that there was some drywall damage and it needed cleaned and painted.  Also, the basement is unfinished.  The drywall work and painting is now done (was a lot of work) and I’m leaving the basement as a future project maybe later this year (should be interesting ^^;).  Check out some photos below.

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Marisa’s New Outfit

marisa eleven p

No, I haven’t died ^^; I’m still around though the last few months have been quite eventful for me. More on that in a later post. I am gradually returning to my hobbies and as proof I have a photo of Marisa in a lovely new outfit fresh from YJA. It was too cute to pass by with a soft blue dress, shima stockings (featuring zettai ryouiki!), a huge hair bow, and an adorable little heart bag ^^.

I’ve got a large backlog of both DD and figures that has accumulated over the past several months I’m going to try to post again soon. ‘Till then!

October Goodies Arrive

A package arrived in my mailbox today. It was a heavy package which can only mean one thing for an otaku: manga! This month’s haul is a bunch of manga I ordered during one of Rightstuf’s recent sales. Yeah, everyone knows it’s easy to just download scanlated manga online, but I believe supporting the industry, especially outside of Japan is important so I am happy to buy worthwhile releases such as these. Speaking of which, what did I get this time? Let’s see!

pic of the day-2011-10-04

Now that I look at it, it seems to be a bunch of shoujo-y stuff.  My true nature is showing? ^^; It’s OK, because they’re all great series! ^^b

If you happened to notice, this stack is missing Sunshine Sketch volume 4. For some reason, it is (and has been for a while) sold out at every online shop I’ve looked at! It seems to be out of print :(. I emailed Yenpress about it but haven’t heard back yet.  I hope it’s just temporary as I really want my Hidamari Sketch collection to be complete! Aside from Hidamari Sketch, I’ve also got Bunny Drop which I was convinced into ordering after watching the excellent anime that recently aired. I expect the manga to be just as good! I’ve also got the second volume of Book Girl and the ultimate moe-blob series, K-ON!

K-ON! seems to get a fair share of criticism but I truly like it. The manga looks just as irresistibly cute and hilarious as the anime series. Here’s a quick peek…

k-on manga-1
Yui is such an airhead ^^;

k-on manga-2
There are full-color pages scattered between the chapters as well :3

You can pick out the art difference between the anime and the manga but the jokes are characters are still there. Looking forward to reading more of Kakifly’s work :D

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by!

DD Meet in Chicago

For me, this summer has been rather quiet for DD photography. Yes, Neris arrived a few months back, but I got distracted by video games, work, and RL and haven’t had a chance for much more than that. So when Tsunamidelta messaged me about a possible DD meet in Chicago, I happily agreed to attend. It was a small gathering with just me, Tsunami, Wolfheinrich, and Faustbane. But you don’t need a large group to have fun and we definitely had a good time with a weekend to enjoy good food, relaxing, and getting some great DD photos! ^^

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