DD Meet in Chicago

For me, this summer has been rather quiet for DD photography. Yes, Neris arrived a few months back, but I got distracted by video games, work, and RL and haven’t had a chance for much more than that. So when Tsunamidelta messaged me about a possible DD meet in Chicago, I happily agreed to attend. It was a small gathering with just me, Tsunami, Wolfheinrich, and Faustbane. But you don’t need a large group to have fun and we definitely had a good time with a weekend to enjoy good food, relaxing, and getting some great DD photos! ^^

chicago DD meet-2

We stayed at comfortable hotel not too far from downtown managed to capture some good photos of our DD girls right in the hotel lobby. Of course, we got some curious looks but most of the by-passers thought they were cute and a few folks commented positively about them.

chicago DD meet-1

Tsunami’s Nia borrows Marisa broom and takes it for a ride.

chicago DD meet-4

chicago DD meet-5

I spotted this cute little outfit that Marisa is wearing on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and I just had to have it. Due to the bad USD/JPY exchange rate, I haven’t been using YJA much recently, but for this outfit I made an exception.  It’s a simple outfit with puffy shorts, a simple undershirt, the cape, and the the cutest part of it, the little blue cap.

chicago DD meet-7

I also brought along Neris. She hasn’t been seen since her arrival back in July and I was hoping to get to know her a bit more during this trip.

chicago DD meet-8

chicago DD meet-6

Everybody tries on swimsuits! xD

chicago DD meet-9

I have to say, with a different wig and a swimsuit on, she looks quite different and very cute!

chicago DD meet-10

The next morning we headed out to Chinatown with Wolfheinrich as our host. He was able to point out the better restaurants and we had a super delicious Chinese breakfast/lunch.

chicago DD meet-11

One of the more unusual dishes that we were served. Comes wrapped in a leaf and looks a bit odd but was quite good.

chicago DD meet-13

Yuki joined us for breakfast ^^

chicago DD meet-14

After breakfast we head out to a square in Chinatown that had statues of the zodiac characters.

chicago DD meet-18

And proceed to cause a scene by posing all the DDs on the statues ^^;

chicago DD meet-15


Marisa still in her cape outfit.  The outfit was created by Nanami Junko whose site can be found at http://mattbd201.seesaa.net. Check it out for more cute outfits!

chicago DD meet-21

Pyon pyon~~

chicago DD meet-17

chicago DD meet-20Faustbane’s Paige doing the pyon pyon~ too.

chicago DD meet-22

Took a short break for some drinks and almost caught a shot of the elusive Tsunamidelta ;)

chicago DD meet-23

We headed out to Navy Pier to try to get some more DD photos. Sadly, the weather suddenly went from being perfect to miserable in just a few minutes. I only managed to capture this shot before it started raining too heavily to take photos. We packed up and headed back to our car.

chicago DD meet-24

Was raining on and off throughout the rest of the day. When it did clear up and stopped raining, we tried to get some photos but none of the breaks lasted long enough to do much >_<. So we packed up and drove back to Wolf’s place where we would try one last time…

chicago DD meet-25

Finally, we managed to get a few more photos! We found this interesting spot underneath a rusted, old railroad bridge. It was in desperate need of repair but also provided a great backdrop for a few more photos as the end of the day neared and the sun dropped to the horizon. Changed Marisa into this adorable Iplehouse outfit which is one of my favorites. Gives a sassy-girl sort of look ;)

chicago DD meet-26

Nia, on the other hand, was still adorably sweet in this outfit with Alna’s jacket.

chicago DD meet-27

Dramatic pose Marisa? ^^;

chicago DD meet-28

chicago DD meet-29

Oh yeah, I love this shot! ^^

chicago DD meet-30

Girl with an attitude! ;)

chicago DD meet-31

chicago DD meet-32

Love DD shots from this angle ^^

chicago DD meet-33

And that’s the end of our Chicago DD meet! Despite the poor weather on Saturday, we still managed to get a lot of nice photos. Plus, we ate great food the whole weekend and just had a good time. Maybe we’ll do this again next year ^^. And concerning this blog, it’s been quiet, hasn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ve got a few posts lined up soon so stay tuned for some figure reviews!

10 thoughts on “DD Meet in Chicago

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, that last location turned out to be really great. It was kind of our last resort too due to the weather xD
      Neris was using Marisa’s DDS body for this weekend. I tend to swap bodies around a lot, it just happened to turn out that way this time ^^;

  1. lovelyduckie

    I must admit…I love the one piece white swimsuit with that Yellow sweatshirt. When I’m not moving around Beato she chills out on my old American Girl Doll bed. I simply must buy her a stand soon!

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Oh, yeah, that’s Tsunamidelta’s Yuki. Not sure where he got the swimsuit or jacket but they are quite cute together ^^
      I recommend DollfieWorld’s stands, but as I’m sure you know, they can be hard to get a hold of ^^;

  2. Wieselhead

    Ah nice pics, I like the slightly modded Neris, she looks very pretty with the long hair.

    At first I couldn’t recognize Marisa, she wears a very nice outfit. Does the blonde Yuki also belong to you? she’s lovely ^-^


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