Tiger Taiga by ques Q

tiger taiga-1

Is there such a thing as having too many Taiga figures? ^^; And the answer is, of course, no way! That is why I did not hesitate to order this lovely Taiga figure by ques Q. Who is Ques Q you ask? Well, I really didn’t know of them either until this figure but if they continue to make figures like this I think they’ll become more popular in the future. They have crafted this lovely tiger costume version of one of my favorite characters, Aisaka Taiga from the romance comedy series Toradora. Read on for more pretty pictures :)

tiger taiga-2This is actually my 7th Taiga figure (if you count the my Sega trading figure Taiga) and I love every one of them! And I am happy to say that this newest addition to the Taiga collection is no exception. Has ques Q has done the impossible in making the pettanko Taiga look good in a more mature outfit? In fact, you could even call her sexy in this provocatively skimpy outfit ;)

tiger taiga-3Our lovely Taiga is presented in a tiger stripe themed outfit consisting of a small handkerchief top, an even smaller thong covered by the shortest shorts you will ever find! Also, a tiger-stripped thigh high. Oh, did I mention the tiger cat ears and tail? It seems like this figure has it all! ;) The outfit is based on this image.

tiger taiga-4I went with a candy-themed layout for this shoot. I’m not sure why, but I thought the idea of Taiga laying around in a pile of sweets would be a good match xD. What do you think? ^^;

tiger taiga-5And yet, while this Taiga figure is the sexiest one to date, Taiga still looks so darn cute. Ques Q was kind enough to include a happy, smiling face for Taiga which just makes her all the more irresistibly cute. You better savor the smile while it lasts though because with Taiga, she will probably hit you soon for staring! ;)

tiger taiga-6Tiger tail included!

tiger taiga-7Uh-oh, I think Taiga spotted us!

tiger taiga-8Yep, she saw us watching her and now she has an unhappy scowl on her face! But what’s with that heart-shaped tail? Seems like her tail is betraying her true feelings ;)

tiger taiga-9Since she’s unhappy with us now, how about we just poke around this way? Hmmm, not a bad look from this side either!

tiger taiga-10Could those shorts be any shorter? ^^;

tiger taiga-11Cutting it pretty close here as well…

tiger taiga-12

tiger taiga-13One of my favorite shots of the set. Also, notice the tiger tattoo? I thought it was a nice extra touch.

tiger taiga-14Rawr! Tigers like their sweets too.

tiger taiga-15One of the things I love about this figure is that she looks good from any angle. I and really mean it. You can rotate this figure any direction and Taiga still looks great. That’s the mark of a great sculptor and I hope to see more ques Q figures like this in the future.

tiger taiga-16So, what about technical details on this figure? Well, quality-wise it’s definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s not as perfect as, say the Alter figures I have, but it’s no slouch either. The hair is maybe slightly more clumpy than I would have preferred and there is a bit of paint smearing on her shorts. Her paws and ears also could have been a bit more detailed. On the plus side, the skin toning is great, the sculpt is amazing, and most importantly, her face(s) look spot on.  Overall, this is a highly detailed figure with a few minor issues.

tiger taiga-17She evens looks good from straight above.

tiger taiga-18Hey, look, she also comes with a base. You don’t really need it though since Taiga is in a laying position and works just fine on any flat surface. It’s a pretty basic, black base. It does have a nice Toradora logo painted on it.

tiger taiga-19

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Wieselhead has an excellent review of Taiga over on his blog as well. So, are you interested in this figure? (you should be!).  Well, you’re in luck as she is still in stock at online shops such as Hobby Search and Amiami for about 5,550 yen. I consider that quite a steal for a figure of this caliber. Best order her now before she’s gone! Yet another Taiga figure review. And who knows, maybe there are more to come in the future? Stay tuned ^^

17 thoughts on “Tiger Taiga by ques Q

  1. ninjovee

    It’s been quite a while since I last posted a comment here! But because it’s Taiga, I am quite torn with this figure, actually. On one end, she looks nice and she is pretty cheap, but on the other hand, as a fan, I can never see Taiga actually wearing something like this. It feels quite out of character to me that Taiga would choose to wear such a fanservice-y outfit. Even though it is shown in official illustrations, I still think it’s not something she would wear. I feel like the China dress was more of a good fit for her because it’s nice, and yet classy. Not to mention, I can totally imagine her beating up someone in that dress!

    So I guess this kind of saves me money by just skipping on this figure. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy seeing lots of nice photos for her online though. Nice review! I’m also glad you didn’t totally end up just collecting dollfies XD

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. It is a bit out of character for Taiga but that’s kind of why I like it. I like to see my favorite characters in situations that are abnormal for them like Kagami in lolita fashion or Taiga in an outfit like this ;)
      The china dress Taiga is quite good I agree. And like I said, you can never have too many Taiga figures anyway so I’ll take them all! ^^

      1. Xine

        Yeah, it sure is a bit out of character for Taiga but this is a good looking figure especially the curves which are done quite nicely. I would have liked her more without the tiger stripes on her face. The tattoo is cute though.

  2. Aka

    I learned something in this review, something completely unrelated to Taiga, figures and anime. Rockets are called Smarties in the US. Here in Canada I’ve always known them as Rockets, and when I saw the final photo with them labelled “Smarties” I had to Google it to find out. The random things you learn on the Internet….

    Anyway, nice shots, makes me wish I had some rockets… and this is an angle I hadn’t seen before.

    One thing I’m curious about, does she have a flat side to her so she sits right on the base? I don’t think I’ve seen any photos of that yet either, though I’ll find out Tuesday when she arrives.

    Who wears short shorts….

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Oh, glad you learned something xD. I actually also learned something about Smarties (or Rockets). They’re made in Canada! It says so on these Smarties packages xD

      Taiga does pretty well laying on a flat surface but she’s not 100% designed to do so. Her base actually has some small grooves into which she is supposed to fit to give her a more secure position. But she still does just fine on any flat surface.

      1. Aka

        Oh good, I’m glad they didn’t flatten her on one side.

        Some Smarties (Rockets) are made in Canada, but some are made in the US, they differ slightly as well according to Wikipedia.

  3. Fabienne

    Thx for the linking, nice that you’ve ordered her as well =)
    This Taiga figure turned out quite nice, I agree.

    There were some complains about her outfit being out of character, I don’t care about her being out of character,
    she looks gorgeous in that sexy dress without losing her cuteness, I like her that way.

    Whats really nice about this figure, aside from her outfit and her playful lying pose ^^,is that she looks good from so many angles, because of her great looking sculpting.

    I like your sweets setup, its fitting, mhh our smarties here look a lot more different, more like M&Ms ;)

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      I’m also not too concerned about her outfit being a bit out of character. Yeah, it is, but I still like the figure so it’s all good ^^.

      Yes, the sculptor truly did a great job on her. I hope they make more figures like this ^^b

      It seems like Smarties (or Rockets) have all sorts of personas across the world ;)

      1. Aka

        The Smarties Fabienne is talking about are the same as those in Canada and why up here the candies in your pictures are called Rockets, so as not to confuse people. I never knew they weren’t in the US until I looked it up. They’re big in Canada and Germany though.

  4. Fabrice

    Nice pictures, im liking the pink color background you use, it suits her well. and haha the m&m’s are a nice touch out of the expected.

    her facial expressionis nice too with the chance to have 2 facial expression. and the paint no doubt about it great.

    = amazing

  5. TAKET0MB0

    Very nice pictures! Totally agree with Fabrice about using the sweets for added effect
    The figures beautiful, i love the pose and the little detailing is lovely too!

  6. golden goose

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