Wave’s Taiga Preording + Some Chiaki

Wave’s 1/8 scale Aisaka Taiga figure is now open for reservation!

wave taiga final

This is the figure I’ve been watching for some time now, starting with the unpainted prototype shown at Wonder Festival.  I have to say Taiga looks quite cute from these images but I’m weary of the swappable faces it features.  All the figures with swappable faces that I’ve seen tend to have more noticeable seams on their heads.

Still, I like the figure.  The laughing face, smiling face, and sad faces all look good though I personally prefer to keep my Taigas happy ^^.  Quite likely I will be getting her.  She is available for reservation at Hobby Search for 7,125 yen and will be released in December.

But wait, there’s more!  Order now and you’ll receive a free Minami Chiaki Nendoroid!

chiaki nendoroidOK, maybe not but Chiaki is also now available for reservation at Hobby Search.  I’m really glad to see the Minami-ke Nendoroids starting ^^.  Can’t wait for Kana xD

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