Lucky Star Treasures Set of Soujirou

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My latest acquisition in the quest for Lucky Star world domination ^^.  Here we have Wave’s non-scale Konata and Kanata, Treasures of Soujirou Set.  Soujirou, for those who aren’t aware, is Konata’s otaku galge/H game/anime loving dad.  The Treasures of Soujirou set is both Konata and Kanata together (normally sold separately) and some bonus accessories.

lucky star soujirou 02

Soujirou’s hobbies have no doubt influenced Konata into becoming the cute, little moe otaku that she is as well.

lucky star soujirou 03

こな父!Konata shows her affection for her dad with a cute little plushy modeled after him (Soujirou).  This miniaturized kona-chichi doll is actually a bonus of the Soujirou set.

lucky star soujirou 04

Buying Konata individually would normally only get you this cute little Akira doll for Konata to hug, but you get both with the Treasures of Soujirou Set..  I didn’t notice until much later that the little ahoge on Akira’s head was adjustable ^^;

lucky star soujirou 05

Macro lens really shows the imperfections on figures, especially with smaller ones such as this >_<

lucky star soujirou 06

As you can see, I used a white background for this photo shoot.  I experimented with a near black background last time with my FREEing Konata and was interested to see how white would turn out.  Actually, it’s more off-white as pure white didn’t look quite right.  I considered building a light box for this but instead just used a 1.5 meter piece of white fabric.  Seemed to work pretty well though small folds in the cloth are visible in some of the photos.

lucky star soujirou 07

The other figure in the set is Kanata, Konata’s mom.  In the Lucky Star story, she passed away when Konata was an infant.

lucky star soujirou 08

Although Kanata is only shown in memories and dreams in Lucky Star, I still feel like she is an important character.  I get the impression that Kanata is still watching over Konata and Soujirou, making sure they don’t get into too much trouble.  Or play too many video games :D

lucky star soujirou 09

You can certainly tell where Konata got her cute looks ^^.

lucky star soujirou 10

Kanata is dressed in a white, light sundress and a summer hat decorated with flowers.  Her bonus accessories in the set are an alternate laughing face and a waving arm in place of the hat.

lucky star soujirou 11

Soujirou was a lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife!

lucky star soujirou 12

Mother and daughter together ^^.  Can’t help but notice both are barefoot.  You don’t see that too often with figures and I think it’s pretty cute :)

lucky star soujirou 13

A nice little set of Lucky Star figures but probably won’t be enough to tempt the casual Lucky Star fan.  Not that Wave did a bad job, the figures are pretty decent quality but their size was a bit underwhelming.  They are non-scale but are probably close to around 1/10 scale in height.  Also the set was a bit pricey at 9,500 yen.  Although the set does come with two figures and some accessories, for figures of this size, they should have been priced lower.  Aside from the price and size (!) I don’t have much to complain about.  They’re both cute figures and that’s what really matters to me ^^

Figure Info:

Non-scale Izumi Konata and Izumi Kanata from Lucky Star by Wave
Released: July 2009
Retail Price: 10,000 yen (Hobby Search has the set for 9,500)

9 thoughts on “Lucky Star Treasures Set of Soujirou

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Thanks ^^ The off-white was actually intentional as I didn’t like the white look against Kanata’s dress but I see what you mean. I’ll try more pure white another try when I have a figure with less white on them.

  1. ninjovee

    I think that Wave made Kanata very lovely (not that I’ve seen a lot of figures of her) I think Konata’s cute too… but the plushies she had could’ve been better. I agree that Wave makes their figures pricey, but I think the quality is good enough (unlike manufacturers that really, really do bad figures and have an uber high asking price like Daiki Kougyo)
    .-= ninjovee´s last blog ..Quick figure pre-order updates =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Ah, good point about Kanata. I forgot to mention that this is the first figure of her (and maybe the only one there will be). It’s nice to see some figure makers give fans the chance to appreciate secondary characters ^^

      I know what you mean about Daiki Kougyo. I was really surprised when the price for their 1/4 scale Saber was announced! That’s like Dollfie prices and she’s not even that great looking >_<

  2. Optic

    Great photos. They look so adorable together. :3
    If u can match DQ Yoko collection then u certainly have achieved Lucky Star world domination. xD

    The only Wave figure I have is the Louise swimsuit version. While I find the quality is good, there was bits and pieces of the scuplt I didn’t like. Still kinda skeptical about them overall as their quality varies from figure to figure.
    .-= Optic´s last blog ..BACK in action with a new theme =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I think you’re right about Wave. Seems like their quality is not entirely consistent.

      If I count my Nendoroids + Figmas, I have 24 Lucky Star figures. A few more if I count my smaller gashapon toys ;)


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