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Wave’s Taiga Preording + Some Chiaki

Wave’s 1/8 scale Aisaka Taiga figure is now open for reservation!

wave taiga final

This is the figure I’ve been watching for some time now, starting with the unpainted prototype shown at Wonder Festival.  I have to say Taiga looks quite cute from these images but I’m weary of the swappable faces it features.  All the figures with swappable faces that I’ve seen tend to have more noticeable seams on their heads.

Still, I like the figure.  The laughing face, smiling face, and sad faces all look good though I personally prefer to keep my Taigas happy ^^.  Quite likely I will be getting her.  She is available for reservation at Hobby Search for 7,125 yen and will be released in December.

But wait, there’s more!  Order now and you’ll receive a free Minami Chiaki Nendoroid!

chiaki nendoroidOK, maybe not but Chiaki is also now available for reservation at Hobby Search.  I’m really glad to see the Minami-ke Nendoroids starting ^^.  Can’t wait for Kana xD

Touhou Reimu Nendoroid Preview


Hey look, pics of the upcoming Reimu Nendoroid ^^.  No word on price yet but apparently she is still going to be a C76 exclusive.  Ah well, considering the huge amount of Touhou doujinshi merchandise that is released exclusively at Comiket, I suppose it makes sense for a Nendoroid as well ;)

I believe Tokyohunter is going to be taking orders for her once the price is announced.  Alternatively, C76 starts on August 14th this year so if you want to get her yourself, start checking Yahoo Japan Auctions around that date ;)  Pic from Mika-tan’s blog.

Konata Nendoroid, Comptiq Version

konata comptiq nendoroid 1

Just a quick look at one of my not so recent Nendoroid acquisitions.  Yep, another Konata ^^;  This one is special though.  It’s the Comptiq version which was a Comptiq magazine exclusive and thus getting a hold of one is more difficult.  They pop up on Ebay every now and then but are always posted at insane prices so I went to Yahoo! Japan Auctions and got one there for a pretty reasonable price ^^. Continue reading

Kagami & Konata Chara-Ani Nendoroid

Just a quick look at some Nendoroids that I recently received.  These are the Chara-Ani versions of Kagami and Konata from Lucky Star.  These were limited edition Nendoroids and are somewhat difficult to find these days (and expensive).  They both feature food items as their special accessories.  Kagami has her delicious Pocky (Pochi here) and Konata has her choco cornet ^^


Each Nendoroid comes with 3 swappable faces, several arms, a chair, and stands.  Like just about all the other Nendoroids I have, they have a tendency to fall apart easily, usually at the legs >_<


I think I have too many Nendoroids now.  At least Lucky Star Nendoroids ^^;


I have another special  Nendoroid that I will be posting soon.  Pics coming soon :)

Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.


Lookie, Tsukasa and Miyuki Nendoroids!  These are the Comptiq versions which were released earlier this month.  The Comptiq versions were only available by order through the Comptiq magazine so I had to go through a third party to get these pre-ordered last fall.  Got a pretty good deal on them too since I did order them so early.  They can still be found on YJA and Ebay just for an extra premium. Continue reading

More Lucky Star Nendoroids fall from the sky

Ok, they didn’t actually fall from the sky but that would be a nice change of weather ^^;  In fact, I’ve had these nendoroids for a couple months; I just haven’t gotten around to taking photos of them until now.  And the reason for that is that I have a new camera :)  Yep, I’m the proud owner of a Canon 40D.  This is my first DSLR (that I didn’t borrow) so I’m still learning how to apply the various features of this powerful camera.

Unfortunately, the following photos reveal my inexperience as I took them the day I received the camera >_<  Ah, well.. I’ve actually learned quite a bit in the few days since then so hopefully my next photos will look better.  If anyone has expereience taking good photos of figures, I’d be interested in additional advice.  Hit the jump for the photos. Continue reading