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DDS Marisa Arrives!

Today, a long-awaited package finally arrived in my possession.  Way back in September, I placed a pre-order for Marisa Kirisame, one of the two Touhou girls debuting in the new Volks Dollfie Dream Sister body.  Unfortunately, these Touhou girls were Japan-only releases but I was quite taken with the Marisa previews (and I like her character :3) so I tried something new and placed an order directly on the Volks Japan site using a Tenso address.  The process went surprisingly well given that I used a US credit card in a Japanese ordering system and I wasn’t sure if they’d accept the Tenso address.  But as you can see, it all worked out in the end!  I am happy to present Marisa, my second full Dollfie Dream :D

DDS Marisa arrival-1

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Touhou Reimu Nendoroid Preview


Hey look, pics of the upcoming Reimu Nendoroid ^^.  No word on price yet but apparently she is still going to be a C76 exclusive.  Ah well, considering the huge amount of Touhou doujinshi merchandise that is released exclusively at Comiket, I suppose it makes sense for a Nendoroid as well ;)

I believe Tokyohunter is going to be taking orders for her once the price is announced.  Alternatively, C76 starts on August 14th this year so if you want to get her yourself, start checking Yahoo Japan Auctions around that date ;)  Pic from Mika-tan’s blog.