DDS Marisa Arrives!

Today, a long-awaited package finally arrived in my possession.  Way back in September, I placed a pre-order for Marisa Kirisame, one of the two Touhou girls debuting in the new Volks Dollfie Dream Sister body.  Unfortunately, these Touhou girls were Japan-only releases but I was quite taken with the Marisa previews (and I like her character :3) so I tried something new and placed an order directly on the Volks Japan site using a Tenso address.  The process went surprisingly well given that I used a US credit card in a Japanese ordering system and I wasn’t sure if they’d accept the Tenso address.  But as you can see, it all worked out in the end!  I am happy to present Marisa, my second full Dollfie Dream :D

DDS Marisa arrival-1

Marisa arrives in her Volks-issued traveling “accommodations”.  Indiana is a long way from Japan so I’m sure she was ready to get out of the box.

DDS Marisa arrival-2

“Look, they even tied me down!”

DDS Marisa arrival-3

“Ahhh, free at last!  Well, what do we have here?  Who are you!?”  I tried to explain I was her new owner, but she didn’t like the idea of that very much…

DDS Marisa arrival-4

“Whatever, let’s see what else is in this box!”

DDS Marisa arrival-5

“Ahh! My clothes, broom, and what’s this… my hair!?”

DDS Marisa arrival-6

We took stock of all the items that shipped along with Marisa.  Her favorite outfit was luckily among her belongings: undershirt, bloomers, underskirt, black dress and vest, white apron, white socks (with black ribbons), shoes, and her witch’s hat.  Also included was her riding broom and her wig (she still doesn’t know how she lost her hair in the first place).  Once we confirmed she had all her belongings, she decided it was time to get dressed.

DDS Marisa arrival-7

“Well, I suppose I can’t go around naked.  No peeking!”

DDS Marisa arrival-8

“You’re not looking, are you?”

DDS Marisa arrival-9

“Ahhhh, you looked!  How embarrassing >///<”

DDS Marisa arrival-10

“Fine, just help me finish…”

DDS Marisa arrival-11

“What?  You weren’t expecting shimapan, were you?”

DDS Marisa arrival-12

“I have to look like a proper witch, you know.”

DDS Marisa arrival-13

“There we go, that’s most of it!”

DDS Marisa arrival-14

“Just need to put on the apron… and finished!”

DDS Marisa arrival-15

“Do you like my socks?  They even have little black ribbons on them ^^.”

DDS Marisa arrival-16

“Ah, with my hair back (!) and my broom in hand, I finally feel back to normal.”

DDS Marisa arrival-17

“Hey, what’s that light?”

DDS Marisa arrival-18

“Have you been taking pictures this whole time!?”

DDS Marisa arrival-19

“F-Fine, I’ll pose just this once since it’s for you…”

DDS Marisa arrival-20


DDS Marisa arrival-21

“L-like this?  You’re so demanding!”

DDS Marisa arrival-22


DDS Marisa arrival-23

“I’m not a cat, you know…”

DDS Marisa arrival-24

“This is too embarrassing!  I’m done!”

I tried to get her to take a few more pictures, but she would have none of it.  I hope you enjoy the few I managed to get.  Maybe I can convince her to take a few more later ^^;

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14 thoughts on “DDS Marisa Arrives!

  1. OtakuDepot

    Congrats, she is really cute. I’m not familiar with Touhou (yet) but she tempted me when she was announced, even though I didn’t know that character. She is very cute and with the new DDS body, it was hard to pass on.

  2. Smithy

    Nice! Great to see your DDS Marisa arrived safe and sound. She’s quite a cute DD and I like her face with that slightly mischievous cat-like smile. ^^

    From your photos can also see that the DDS body is quite different from DDII/DDDy, the lower arm covering vinyl is also differently shaped piece compared to the DDII/DDDy, looks like they’ll have little in common with DDII/DDDy.

    Can’t wait for my DDS body to arrive (but it’ll be some time with shipping).

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yes, the elbow joint in particular has been completely redesigned and allows a much greater range of movement. The knee joints are also improved. Going to try to do a more thorough DDS/DDII comparison post soon ^^;

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Is her default outfit lined with white material underneath? Volks does a decent job of that most of the time. Even if it’s not, staining can usually be fixed with a bit of patience ^^

      1. lovelyduckie

        Actually…I’ve been talking with Wolf. And I may have been over worried on the issue :) maybe I’ll join you as a DD owner. This week I’m going to be able to pay off my car and credit card…what better way to celebrate than to try and win the Beatrice lottery? :)

        1. anonymous_object Post author

          Oh, that sounds like a good way to celebrate ;)
          I’ve had a few stains on Yui but I’ve been able to remove them all with the common 10% benzoyl peroxide cream trick.
          Anyway, I hope you decide to go for Beatrice ^^ I don’t think you’d regret it!


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