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Long time, no figure post ^^;  I know I’ve not been posting much for the past several months yet I still refuse to admit it and just say I’m a hiatus ;)  I will continue to post but the intervals between posts may remain long for the foreseeable future.  Sorry, I know how much my rabid fanbase loves to read my lil’ old blog ;)  So anyway, this time I have an addition to the cute 1/12 scale Kagami and Tsukasa figures I reviewed way back in November 2009.  Last fall, Wave released Misao Kusakabe as a new figure in their 1/12 scale Lucky Star set.  And here she is (just a few months late ^^;)

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I know some folks didn’t like the Kagami and Tsukasa that Wave first released due to their unorthodox appearance for the Hiiragi sisters, but I was rather fond of the figures so I jumped at the chance to own Misao in the same format.

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For those who don’t remember, Misao is a girl from Kagami’s class 3-C while most of the main characters are in class 3-B (Konata, Tsukasa, Miyuki).  As a result, we don’t see as much of Misao but when we do, she’s memorable as the super-energetic girl with a fanged tooth and likes to say “Va!” a lot xD.  She was one of my favorite side characters throughout the series so I’m quite glad Wave decided to give her a figure.

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Although I certainly am glad Wave decided to make a Misao figure, it does make me wonder why they chose her over more popular characters such as Konata or Miyuki.  Perhaps they’re not done with the 1/12 scale line of figures?  I would definitely welcome more of the Lucky Star girls in this style!

lucky star misao-5

Pantsu :3

lucky star misao-6I know some folks also weren’t happy with this figure due to how it’s only 1/12 scale and still cost about 3,200 yen.  It may seem a tad bit expensive for such a tiny PVC figure, but that’s really only about the price of a Nendoroid and this figure is certainly more detailed than a Nendoroid.  Considering their small scale, they are nicely sculpted and painted.  Her fanged tooth in the above photo appears as a tiny dot when viewed at a normal distance.  Only with a macro lens can you zoom in so close to see the minute flaws in this figure (and most others as well) ^^;  Overall, I am pleased with this figure.  Still, I wish I had even more Misao figures to choose from!  Maybe a Beach Queen Misao? Get on it, Wave! ;)

lucky star misao-7

The full set of Wave’s 1/12 scale Lucky Star girls.  Cute! ^^.  Seems Wave used a slightly different skin tone for Misao or perhaps she is naturally more tan than the Hiiragi sisters? Quite possible :)

Thanks for viewing!

10 thoughts on “Misao Kusakabe

  1. Q

    A figure for 32000 Yen? No wonder people are not happy with the price for such size (it’s a typo I know :P)!

    I don’t hear about 1/12 scale figures very often. This is about the same size as figma and some Revoltech action figures I’d assume? Sometimes I feel that smaller figures or other miniatures can be quite some gems, but are overlooked by things that are bigger (hence the notion “bigger is better”). :o

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Oops, extra zero in there xD
      Yeah, 1/12 scale PVC figures are pretty rare so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this set but in the end I am glad I purchased them. They look great displayed together ^^

  2. Fabienne

    Oh she looks very nice,the natural looking skintone looks great on her. The face of Misao looks also great and accurately painted, these blush marks are just lovely :D
    As I’ve already said, Misao looks great with her paintjob and the dynamic pose,even more when you consider her small size.

    Im a bit envious about the impressive dof in your pictures XD

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, the detail is pretty nice for how small it is. That’s what I liked about the first 2 figures and what assured me that Misao would also be a good buy ^^.
      The DOF? I don’t know what’s impressive about it ^^; I used my 100mm macro lens which worked great on such a tiny figure. Widest aperture is 2.8 which I used on the first three photos. Rest are 4.0 or smaller :)

      1. Fabienne

        Oh sorry depht of field was the term:)
        Well it looks very good how the figure is set apart from the blurry background. I guess I’ll need a new lens XD

  3. lovelyduckie

    Even though I’m not fond of Wave’s 1/12 line I love Misao as a character. The way she says “yo Hiiragi” and laughs are soooo cute. Plus I have a bit of a fang weakness.

  4. Incognitonight42188

    Va-Chan! My god! I was hoping for the frezzing one though but this one is cute….

    Thanks to her I not stop yelling VA! at work….

    keep up the good work…

    maybe I will start a website too….


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