Marisa’s Day Out

marisa kimono-1

Spring has finally come to Indiana but we’ve been getting rain almost none-stop for the past month so it’s been difficult to enjoy the outdoors.  Last week we finally had a decent weekend and I took Marisa out to take advantage of the brief break in the rain.

marisa kimono-3

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, Marisa chose this brightly colored kimono to match the sunny weather.  This is actually an Azone outfit, intended for their 50cm line of dolls, so I wasn’t sure if it would fit a DDS. I’m glad I took the risk and bought the outfit as it fits really quite well on a 50cm DDS despite slight differences in proportions.

marisa kimono-2

marisa kimono-5

Mischievous or cute smile? ^^;

marisa kimono-4

For these photos, we visited a local Indianapolis-area park which was very popular on this day, as many folks wanted to get out and enjoy the good weather while it lasted (the rain resumed the next day orz).  Got a few funny looks while photographing Marisa but ’tis OK ^^;

marisa kimono-6

Was a bit windy on this weekend which made Marisa’s hair impossible to maintain ^^;

marisa kimono-7

The kimono outfit also came with a cute hair ribbon but with the strong breeze it wouldn’t stay put xD

marisa kimono-8

Also a small handbag for Marisa to stash her precious things.

marisa kimono-9

Messy hair girl ^^;

marisa kimono-10


marisa kimono-11

marisa kimono-12

Don’t forget to make a wish!

marisa kimono-13

Trying to get out of the open and windy field, we retreated to a quiet grove nearby.

marisa kimono-14

My favorite pic of the bunch ^^

marisa kimono-15

marisa kimono-17

Standing in a kimono and geta gets tiring after a while. Time for a break ^^

marisa kimono-18

marisa kimono-19

I also purchased a pair of Azone 50cm geta sandals but unfortunately they were too small.  Luckily, the sandals that came with the Volks Miko outfit worked perfectly for the outfit so Marisa did not have to go barefoot ^^.

marisa kimono-20

Seems like the weather has been getting nicer the past few days.  Perhaps another photo shoot in the near future? ^^.  Hmmm, which outfit, I wonder… ;)

Anyway, thanks for viewing! ^^

7 thoughts on “Marisa’s Day Out

  1. Smithy

    Nice shots, that kimono looks very cute on Marisa. ^^
    The wind seems to have been a challenge though indeed, perhaps have the wig sit a bit lower as she’s showing too much forehead now.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      lol, thanks for the comment ^^;
      I don’t think she’s showing too much forehead but I guess that’s personal taste. Her bangs were just messy due to being blown around by the wind.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I really like it too. I wasn’t sure how well it would fit since it was designed for Obitsu bodies but it works great with DDS ^^. Glad I took the risk. I purchased it from Hobby Search and it’s still in stock:
      If you want it, you better order before it goes out of stock! Azone stuff can be hard to track down after the retail supply runs out ^^;

  2. moon fantastic

    all photos were beautiful and perfect WITHOUT ERROR spite of the challenge was the wind but in those pictures shows how to use this challenge to a warm and natural. haora challenge: in the rain XD
    not a bad idea
    ja ja ja


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