Shrine Maiden

Last month I placed an order at Dollfie World for their popular tripod mountable doll stand and while browsing their site, I spotted this lovely miko (shrine maiden) outfit.  I had to see my Yui in it so I added it to the order ^^

DD miko 1

You can see the stand in this shot.  Sorry, that’s the only photo where it’s visible ^^;  It’s a good, sturdy stand though!  It’s mounted to my tripod in this picture.

DD miko 2

DD Yui with her Leeke World wig (that looks like Mugi) and her new shrine maiden outfit.  The miko set is an  official Volks item and is of high quality design like you would expect from Volks.  The red hakama is particularly lovely with neat pleats and is made of a soft, smooth martial.

DD miko 3

The white kimono top was a bit wrinkled when I took it out of the packaging so I tried to iron it a bit.  First time I’ve done that with Dollfie clothes ^^;  I think it helped a bit but there are still some wrinkles.  The hakama, on the other hand, was perfectly smooth out of the package.  I think that was due to the different types of materials.

DD miko 4

kawaii deshou?  Yui looks very cute in her miko outfit. ^^

Hope you liked the pics!

16 thoughts on “Shrine Maiden

  1. ninjovee

    Mugi-chaaaaaa… *pauses* Oh… right, this is Yui OTL

    Still, such a beautiful Miko outfit. ;~;
    You are not helping me avoid getting a dollfie, I tell you!

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      It’s definitely a big “investment” but I deemed it worthy of my money and sacrificed several PVC figures and sold off all my Figma to be able to afford her.

      Still, just maintenance for her is costly ^^; This outfit, for example, was about 10,000 yen >_< Of course, it's pretty detailed and was sold out at Volks so it had a bit of a markup. There are more affordable outfits out there. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the price at all ^^;; Well anyway, I think you'd really like having a DD. I know I do, but yeah, a bit pricey ;) (You should get one!)

  2. Smithy

    Nice Miko gear! It’s always striking how your Yui just looks like Mugi with that wig. Lovely photos.

    10k Yen seems to be an average price the Miko outfit goes for. I’ve been eying it as well.

  3. chun

    Ah! For some reason I kept thinking I had you on my links ^^; added your site to my :3 Yui chan look so cute like that! ^o^


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