Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.

By , March 29, 2009 10:42 pm


Lookie, Tsukasa and Miyuki Nendoroids!  These are the Comptiq versions which were released earlier this month.  The Comptiq versions were only available by order through the Comptiq magazine so I had to go through a third party to get these pre-ordered last fall.  Got a pretty good deal on them too since I did order them so early.  They can still be found on YJA and Ebay just for an extra premium.


Like the previously released Konata and Kagami Comptiq Nendoroids, Tsukasa and Miyuki come with their “animal mode” accessories which are only available in the Comptiq versions.  Tsukasa has her inu mimi and Miyuki with gyuu (cow) mimi.  Oh, and the tails :)


Notice the dog tail ;)


Alternate face and hair.  Super sized Tsukasa ribbon xD


Tsukasa is pretty cute :D


Miyuki, cow version!


Her tail was a bit more delicate than Tsukasa’s and kept falling off >_<


Moe megane version


And that’s Tsukasa and Miyuki.  Now I just need to get Konata.  I’ve been looking for a decent priced one for several months now but may just have to bite the bullet on the high costs :-/

And here’s a short omake…


つかさ: もしもし。あー、お姉さん!どこですか?いっしょうに買い物に行きませんか?

かがみ: はい、はい。




つかさ: 何、その耳!?



5 Responses to “Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.”

  1. oh, theres a Comptique Konata in a department store nearby… But it looks like either:

    a.) cheap chinese Copy
    b.) Factory reject from Goodsmile, smuggled out and sold.

    Evangeline Mcdowell’s last blog post..Image: 2009-03-29-153204.jpeg

  2. Yeah, it probably is a fake, but you’re still lucky to have local stores with figures. Nothing like that around here :(

  3. wretchu says:

    True that. All of my figures I’ve either had to get at a con or online. I’d love to have a shop with figures… T_T

  4. Really? There are no shops like that in Chicago? I’d figure in a city that large, there would be at least a few with figures.

  5. Optic says:

    So cute but expensive now. T_T
    I weary of bootlegs ones found online. U can so tell by the cheapo price. -_-

    Optic’s last blog post..Sydney Mini-Animania 2009

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