Konata Nendoroid, Comptiq Version

konata comptiq nendoroid 1

Just a quick look at one of my not so recent Nendoroid acquisitions.  Yep, another Konata ^^;  This one is special though.  It’s the Comptiq version which was a Comptiq magazine exclusive and thus getting a hold of one is more difficult.  They pop up on Ebay every now and then but are always posted at insane prices so I went to Yahoo! Japan Auctions and got one there for a pretty reasonable price ^^.

konata comptiq nendoroid 2As with the Comptiq versions of Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki, Konata comes with accessories for her animal persona.  Konata’s animal is, of course, a cat :)  She comes with cat ears and a little tail.

konata comptiq nendoroid 3


Tried a new lighting set up here.  Seems to works quite well ^_^

konata comptiq nendoroid 4

Konata comes with 3 faces, 3 skirts, 4 arms, standing and sitting legs, and a chair.Oh, also an unpainted Akira puchi Nendoroid but I already had the painted version of her from the season 1 petite Nendoroid set.

And finally, the entire Comptiq set together at last…

konata comptiq nendoroid 5

This brings my Lucky Star Nendoroid totals to 4 Kagamis, 3 Konatas, 2 Tsukasas, and 2 Miyukis.  And, believe it or not, there’s still a Konata and Kagami that I am missing ^^;  Not sure if I will ever acquire those…

If you’re interested in getting this Nendoroid, it is number 27a.  Just be careful, there are lots of fake 27a Nendoroids on Ebay.  Those that are real and from legitimite sellers are often way overpriced.  You might be able to do what I did and get her cheaper on Yahoo! Japan Auctions even after deputy service fees.

13 thoughts on “Konata Nendoroid, Comptiq Version

  1. Singer_Yuna

    4th? there are 5 Kagamis: Rin cosplay, Miku cosplay, your awesome Kagami, my amiami Kagami and the HP Kagami.
    I love all the set completed. Congratulations.
    YAAAY for Comptiq nendos!!!

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