So K-ON’s over…


Now what?  It was, by far, the most popular series of the season and now that it’s over, what did you think?  Personally, I thought it was a good series though not as epic as some fans anticipated.  It was arguably the most hyped anime series since The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.  Maybe a bit too much hype?  Yeah, I’d probably say so but that doesn’t detract from the fact that every week I had fun watching the latest episode ;)

And despite the huge fanbase that formed around Mio, she didn’t end up being my favorite character.  For me, it was Yui with Azusa in a close second.  Mio was entertaining most of the time but I think her ‘scaredy-cat’ personality was overdone a bit.  Ritsu and Mugi-chan also were fun characters and we can’t forget about the super-cute imouto, Ui :3.  Honestly, that’s what made this show worthwhile; the characters were great.  The story itself was fairly mediocre but the characters and their interactions kept the pace, laughs, and fun going ^^

Moe moe kyun!

Moe moe kyun!

So, yeah, K-ON! wasn’t a miraculously awesome series or anything but it is was fun ^^.  Hmmm, now I need to think about the next show to watch…  Maybe I should catch up on Hayate or Eden of the East.

2009-06-12-169937More pics of Azu-nyan and the rest of the K-ON! gang can be found at e-shuushuu ^^b

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