Just finished watching Aoi Hana


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What kind of ending was that?  >_<
I was kind of hoping at least something would happen there between Fumi and Aa-chan ^^;  But, nope, no yuri love to be had between the two main characters.  Now I don’t know why I even watched the series xD  Time to finish up my next series: Bakemonogatari.  At least there are lolis in it! ;)

12 thoughts on “Just finished watching Aoi Hana

  1. Smithy

    “Aoi Hana” was terrific as yuri series go. The ending is actually very well done, an anime original ending that leaves everything open to pick up in a another season and still join back into the manga story.
    But its own right a very good ending, because it culminates in what the series is all about. How Fumi grew from her experiences, away from her past while she still recaptures what she felt in that same past, love. Akira’s change is more subtle as she’s not yet open to love but becomes a supportive pillar that is equal to a partner, a soulmate.

    Sure personally I would have loved Akira and Fumi to get together too.

    “Bakemonogatari” was great, the different story arcs were all very good but to top it off the relationship dynamic between Senjougahara and Araragi is stellar. I say it even beats Horo and Lawrence chemistry and verbal banter at times.
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    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, in reality, it was a pretty decent ending. I’m not so shallow to only want to see some yuri loving ^^; Still, as far as slice of life type shows go, I’d prefer something like Honey and Clover or Hidamari Sketch…

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Like Smithy mentioned, the ending was really more about the characters being able to overcome their problems and moving on (Fumi mostly). It was pretty decent.
      I actually think this was the first series that features yuri as a important plot element. But to be honest, I don’t really care one way or the other >_>

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Eh, I wouldn’t highly recommend this series but it wasn’t bad by my standards. There were better series though if you have limited time. Bakemonogatari is great so far. I dropped Canaan… really didn’t like it. Still plan on watching Hayate 2 and Spice and Wolf 2 ^^

  2. meronpan

    this looks kinda yuri. is it yuri? maybe i’ll check it out :P

    i actually got through bakemonogatari recently. surprised it’s as popular as it seems to be, but not surprised i liked it since i like practically everything ^^;
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