Kagami Nendoroid (Comptiq)

Since I purchased my first Nendoroid last month (Ink-tan), I’ve given in to my evil, moe desires and present to you my latest catch: Lucky Star’s Kagami Hiiragi in Comptiq form!

And when I say catch, I mean it.  This thing was pretty hard to get a hold of, at least at a decent price.  Kagami and Konata Nendoroids came in three different flavors each:  HP version, Chara-ani, and Comptiq.  I would probably rank them in that order for rarity as well.  They are also all out of print now.  The Comptiq versions were mail-order only through the Comptiq magazine so they are particularly hard to find.

I scoured ebay and yahoo auctions for the past month looking for a good deal on this Nendoroid and finally stumbled across one.  While it wasn’t as expensive as most of the other auctions, it still was a bit expensive ^^;  Good thing it was new in-the-box and not second hand :D

As for the figure itself, it comes with a lot of accessories.  In the box, you will find: 3 unique faces, 3 skirts (that all look the same), 1 set of Rabbit ears, a rabbit tail, 1 set of normal ribbons, 2 sets of legs (one for sitting, 1 for standing), 2 sets of hands, a stand, and a mini Minoru Shiraishi figure.  The Minoru Shiraishi figure is the same one in the Lucky Star petit Nendoroid set, except it is unpainted (expect a post with info on this later ;)).

While I love this Nendoroid, the paint quality was a bit disappointing in several locations.  Kagami’s legs have smudges of red and brown paint on them.  Not visible at a distant but obvious up close.  Also, her white Seifuku had smudges of red on a few spots.  Her hair, while having a very nice paint job on the front and top, unfortunately had some white specks on one of her twin tails :(  I have to say the build quality of this Nendoroid does not match that of my newer Ink-tan.  Perhaps in the time between the manufacturing of Kagami and Ink-tan, Good Smile improved their quality.  Also, the included stands don’t work very well and leave Kagami with the tendency to topple over if you’re not careful.  Perhaps I should get a set of paints and attempt to touch up paint blemishes like this in the future?

While the build quality is a bit sketchy at points, I still love this figure.  The super-cute blushing face + usa mimi are perfect.  Sure, I may be biased due to my Kagami obsession, but I think most people will agree ^_^

So, enough talk, let’s get on to the pictures!

Blushing Kagami, doesn't get much better than this ;)

You have irritated the Kagamin. You must apologize now!

No, really, she will beat you up otherwise


Ok, you apologized. Kagamin is happy again :D

No staring at the pantsu!

You're still peeking!

11 thoughts on “Kagami Nendoroid (Comptiq)

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    I’m trying to find one of these! Unfortunately there’s only 2 on ebay selling above 170USD…

    Would you be able to help me find it cheaper?

  2. anonymous_object Post author

    Yeah, I had to wait quite a while before I found an affordable one still in the box. Most of them are way overpriced. If you’re really interested in getting one, you could try the Yahoo! Japan Auctions but you’d have to use a deputy service that way.

  3. RSS

    I don’t have an account on Yahoo Japan Auctions unfortunately…

    Hmm I’ll just have to find some way to get this. Your pics are awesome, which inspired me to want to get one.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Congratulations :)
      I still need to post some pictures of my new Nendoroids. Will try to get to that soon. I’m also still looking for a good deal on the Comptiq Konata Nendoroid ^^

  4. RSS

    YOU’RE IN LUCK! I came across this individual who is selling it to me for $50USD however I would not like it (It has been opened once however, from looking at the pics, it’s in near mint condition and the box has no dents or what not.)

    E-mail me and I’ll forward you through. This Konata deserves a rightful owner, haha.

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