Mikkumiku Kagami Nendoroid


Returned home today to find a few boxes awaiting me.  Upon opening the smaller one, I found this Kagami peering back at me.  A Miku cosplaying Kagami, that is ^^.


This super cute Nendoroid is based on the Lucky Star OVA which was released last Spring.  In the OVA, Konata arrives in mage cosplay and uses magic to force Kagami to cosplay as well.  After going through several outfits, all of which Kagami rejects, Konata’s wand breaks and Kagami is stuck in Miku cosplay!


Too bad Kagami doesn’t accept it.  She’s a bit embarrassed at first >_<


Konata even granted her a leek to complete the Miku cosplay ^_~.  This Nendoroid also comes with little plastic stickers such as the above sweatdrop.  First I’ve seen of this type of accessory with a Nendoroid.  A nice touch for full moe customization ^^  In all, the set comes with 3 faces, 5 arms, 3 legs (2 normal, 1 bent at knee), and 2 leeks.  Oh, and a stand, of course.


The sweatdrop actually looks pretty good in place.  There are also heart, stars, and some “cross popping veins” stickers.  I only used the sweatdrop in these photos.


Finally, Kagami gives in to the moe moe cosplay fun :D  Hurrah for dual wielding leeks!  Was kind of difficult to pose here with the bent leg place ^^;


Mikkumiku Kagami invites some friends ^^.  From the left: Comptiq Kagami, Mikkumiku Kagami, Fate cosplay Kagami, and Chara Ani ver. Kagami.


A great Nendoroid overall.  Unlike some of my other Nendoroids, this one is quite well built and does not fall apart easily.  All the pieces fit securely in place which made taking pictures a bit easier.  The stand is the usual Nendoroid stand which only really works in the most basic poses but that I can live with.  If you’re a Kagami or Lucky Star fan, this would be a great Nendoroid to pick up :)

This Nendoroid was released about 2 weeks ago and is still in stock at most online stores.  Order yours today!

Figure Info

Good Smile Co. Mikkumiku Kagami Nendoroid
Released: May 2009
Retail Price: 3,500 yen

12 thoughts on “Mikkumiku Kagami Nendoroid

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  3. SilverD

    I got this one at an anime convention, thinking that it was a Miku nendoroid. To my surprise, it’s also Kagami! I didn’t even see Lucky Star on the box -_-‘
    Strange, mine didn’t seem to come with stickers. I didn’t see any when I took her out of the box.


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