Kagami & Konata Chara-Ani Nendoroid

Just a quick look at some Nendoroids that I recently received.  These are the Chara-Ani versions of Kagami and Konata from Lucky Star.  These were limited edition Nendoroids and are somewhat difficult to find these days (and expensive).  They both feature food items as their special accessories.  Kagami has her delicious Pocky (Pochi here) and Konata has her choco cornet ^^


Each Nendoroid comes with 3 swappable faces, several arms, a chair, and stands.  Like just about all the other Nendoroids I have, they have a tendency to fall apart easily, usually at the legs >_<


I think I have too many Nendoroids now.  At least Lucky Star Nendoroids ^^;


I have another special  Nendoroid that I will be posting soon.  Pics coming soon :)

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