Kagami Figma + Ink-tan Nendoroid

Yay, new figures have arrived :D  This time I have received the most recent addition to the Lucky Star figma collection, Kagami Hiiragi!  Also, I have with me a super moe Ink-tan Nendoroid from the English study aids + anime series Moe-tan.  Who knows, maybe collecting figures isn’t so bad after all? ^_^  Hit the jump for more details and pictures.

The Ink-tan is the first Nendoroid (ねんどろいど) figure that I’ve owned and I have to say it’s really cute.  The super deformed dimensions of the characters just ooze moe :D. I haven’t actually watched the Moetan anime and I don’t really plan to ^^;  I just like the character designs and art related to the series which is done by one of my favorite artists, POP.  As for the figure itself, it’s surprisingly high quality for the size.  Not quite perfect as there a small mispainted spot of one of her twin tails.  Thankfully, it’s not visible from the front.  Aside from that, there are no big imperfections.  Ink comes with three different facial expressions, two sets of legs, two sets of arms, and a few swappable hands.  Also included in the set is a chair which she can sit on (without falling over).

You mad her sad :(

Here's a lollipop (not lolipop) to cheer you up

moe overload >_<

As for, Kagami… she needs no lengthy introduction.   She is Kagamin and that’s all that needs said ^^  I already have the Tsukasa and Konata figma so I’m more familiar with what to expect here.  She came in pretty good condition, no major paint defects.  I do like how flexible her twin tails turned out to be.  It allows for more possibilities when posing ^^ Kagami comes with a Comptiq magazine prop which is where the Lucky Star manga was serielized.  She comes with a super happy face and a more relaxed one ;)

She won't admit it, but Kagami is a closet Otaku

Is she waving at you? ^^;

Konata... ?_?

9 thoughts on “Kagami Figma + Ink-tan Nendoroid

  1. Optic

    Beware, it’s addictive.
    Once u get into it, it’s hard to stop. lol
    Unfortunately, I had to cancel the nendo moetan due to budget constraints. I kinda regret now but at least i can hold back for once in a while.
    Thanks for adding me. Let me return the favor and add u as well. ^^

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