Code Geass: R2

R2 finished up today and the Internet is abuzz with discussion on the ending of this controversial series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Why did the Black Knights really turn on Zero?  Because he didn’t tell them the truth?  He was never fully honest with them from the beginning and they knew that.  They just betray Zero, who was responsible for all their previous successes, after one conversation with Schneizel onii-chan and side with the crazy Brittanian bent on destroying the world.  And speaking of destroying the world, what’s up with Charles?  Did he even have a point in the series?  It was like he was just a mini-boss on the way to big, bad Schneizel.  Then Suzaku and Lelouch suddenly get over all their disagreements?  Suzaku is somehow able to forgive Lelouch for killing Euphie after he went totally emo over her death?  Right…

I don’t know.  There are just too many plot holes in R2.  Not to mention the creators decided to use easy-mode with Zero’s over-use of Geass.  Geass’ing and commanding entire armies at once? lawl

In the end, I found the ending of R2 satisfying but does it make up for the sloppy previous 10 episodes?  I have mixed feelings… There are some characters I feel that did more wrong than Lelouch and yet they were freed?  Scheizel, Cornelia, and yes, even Nunnally probably killed more people with FLEIJA than Lelouch ever did.

The question, at least for now, is whether or not Lelouch really died at the end.  There is speculation that Lelouch was actually the man driving the cart C.C. was riding at the end.  I guess we’ll know for sure when the Blu-Ray release is out (if not before then).

Ah, well… the series had it ups and downs.  I suppose overall, I still liked it.  I did look forward to my weekly Geass fix every Sunday after all.  What did you think?

Lulu, is dat you, buddy?

Lulu, is dat you, buddy?

Why didn't she dress like this earlier? T_T

Why didn't she dress like this before? T_T

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