Lucky Star OVA!

It’s out ^^  As of this time, there are no subs out yet, but you can find the raw at various places around the interwebs.  Seeing as how I’ve been waiting for this for months, I decided to grab the raw and use my rusty Japanese skills to decipher the moon language used within.

Like the TV series, the OVA is broken into short, unrelated stories about nearly random topics.  The OVA starts out with the whole school gang (both classes) visiting Minami’s house.  The story is really centered around her dog Cherry and the various girls trying to interact with her.  Yutaka’s little song with Cherry was pretty cute ^_^

Cherry "greeting" Miyuki

Tsukasa loses her precious ketai >_<

This scene must be watched for full enjoyment ^^

MMO time!  Konata and Kuroi-sensei show Kagami and Tsukasa how to play the game.  It’s apparently the MMO Konata and Kuroi-sensei play throughout the TV series.  This time, however, we get to see the Hiiragi twins join them on their adventures.

Konata attacks, Kagami heals. Fitting roles?

Poor Tsukasa couldn't figure out how to chat

Pose! Konata-inspired Hare Hare Yukai group shot.

Kuroi-sensei levels during break, leaving the rest behind. Reminds me of WoW...

The Hiiragi family goes out, but Kagami decides to stay home.  Konata shows up (dressed as Mahou Yuki from Haruhi) and tries to convince Kagami to go to some kind of cosplay match.  Kagami refuses so, Konata magically attaches treads to the Hiiragi house and brings her along by force.  Finally, Kagami gives in and goes.

Kagami decides to stay home

Kona-yuki shows up...

And takes Kagami for a ride

Konata rotates through some costumes for Kagami

Was it all just a dream!? Nuuuuuu

Embarrassed Kagami is cute Kagami ^_^

Volleyball during PE.  This is a cute story.  Tsukasa is playing on the team against Kagami and are losing.  Misao convinces Tsukasa to not give up and to try to beat her skilled sister, Kagami.  Tsukasa gives it her best but falls short.

She tries though!

Kagami goes for the power serve

Tsukasa catches it (with her face)

So close -_-

On a school field trip, the gang is hiking.  Konata gets the group lost and they end up wandering for most of the day.  After spending most of the day walking, Kagami’s stomach growls (embarrassed XD) and the group realizes they are hungry.  They eventually their cell phones get a signal and find their way back, Kuroi-sensei scolds them when they do ^^;


Tummy-growling Kagami is also cute :D

Tummy-growling Kagami is also cute :D

As always, Miyuki comes up with the logical solution

Finally, eating curry around a campfire

Final short story is about the girls visiting a pet shop (of horrors?).  They are shown some Keroro frogs by Zero (!) and are subsequently turned into frogs themselves…  I think this is the story I least understood.  I didn’t get some of the Japanese here so that probably didn’t help.

They certainly look cute as frogs, that's for sure

And finally, 伝説の少女A!

Legendary Girl A!

And a LA Lucky Channel!  It was kinda strange ^^;

And a LA Lucky Channel! It was kinda strange ^^;

Final Verdict: If you’re a Lucky Star fan, you can’t pass this up!  If you’re new to Lucky Star, watching the TV series first might be advisable.

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