FREEing 1/4 Scale Lucky Star Outfits

Remember those huge 1/4 scale Lucky Star figures by FREEing?  Well, I quite liked them and I haven’t forgotten about them ^^.  That’s why I persisted on acquiring the sailor and miko outfits that were released for Wonder Festival a while back.

I say persisted because while I definitely wanted them, they were a difficult purchase.  Not only were they dreadfully expensive at 4,000 yen per girl (4,000×4), they were exclusive items and had to be purchased through a deputy service (thanks Goody Japan!).  So, yeah, quite costly in the end ^^;

But look!  It was worth it :).  Lucky Star girls in sailor uniforms.  Very, very cute!

Miyuki was a bit difficult to dress due to her more shapely body ^^;

Kagami, my favorite!

The school uniform looks great on Kona-chan too ^^.

And cute little Tsukasa.

Each set of clothes came with both the school uniform as well as a miko outfit.  Yuki was once again difficult to dress >_<

The miko outfits are more complex than the sailor uniforms and took like 40 minutes to get all the girls properly dressed ^^;

Kona-chan’s pose looks good in any outfit xD

The miko outfits were somewhat wrinkled.  I probably should have ironed them ^^;

All four girls together!

Now I just need to decide which outfit to leave the girls dressed in.  Gym uniforms, sailor uniforms, or miko outfits? ;)

22 thoughts on “FREEing 1/4 Scale Lucky Star Outfits

  1. Smithy

    Those look lovely. While the fixed poses have their disadvantages and not all facial sculpts convince me, these are a great middle ground between normal scaled figures and dolls.

    Actually with the different outfits you can alternate who wears what, always nice to do, keeps it all fresh.
    .-= Smithy´s last post… Spring is here =-.

      1. lovelyduckie

        Honestly it’s probably for the best, originally I ordered 2 sets thinking I could have all 4 in the outfits (2 in sailor uniform and 2 in miko). But later found out each set is only for ONE of the girls. Before I could make a decision if the extra expense was worth it my proxy said that he was unable to get any. BUT! I plan on learning how to sew and making them all yukatas if I can. I’m hopeful they will come out ok but…it’ll probably be a disaster

  2. Tommy

    Damn….you’re so lucky to get the school uniforms. I didn’t order any of the girls because I couldn’t find the school uniforms. So it was 4,000 yen for the Shrine dress and the School uniform?

    Konata does look good in anything, but Tsukasa is still the cutest in this set.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      4,000 for each ^^; Yeah, they were overpriced and I was suckered into buying them >_< I need to do one more photo shoot with these girls. One more thing to show ;) Gotta do that soon.

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