Lucky Star Cheerleader Outfits

Even though FREEing has moved on and has announced plans to release more characters from the Lucky Star cast in their 1/4 scale glory, I’m not yet finished with the original four girls ;)  In the past, I have shown their seifuku and miko outfits but this time I have a new treat: Cheerleader uniforms!

lucky star cheerleaders-1

In order to get these very limited cheerleader outfits, owners of all four of the original 1/4 scale LS girls had to send in their proofs of purchase to FREEing and they would send you the outfits for free ^^.  Quite a nice way to reward customers who bought all of the figures.  Unfortunately, this offer was only available for folks with a Japanese address so I wasn’t eligible myself.

lucky star cheerleaders-2

I really didn’t want to miss out on these cute cheerleader outfits so I asked around for folks in Japan who would be willing to mail in the offer for me and found a kind soul who was willing to do it ^^.  Selidor from over at was in Japan at the time and let me mail the proofs of purchase to her and several months later the outfits were mailed to her.  She then mailed them to me in the US.  All worked out nicely.  Thanks again, Selidor! ^^

lucky star cheerleaders-3

As for the outfits themselves, they may look familiar if you’ve seen the anime series.  These are the outfits featured in the opening sequence and at the end of the anime ^^.

They’re pretty simple but quite cute, don’t you agree? :3

lucky star cheerleaders-4

Konata commanding her moe forces

lucky star cheerleaders-5

Tsuntsun Kagami ;)

lucky star cheerleaders-6

Silly Tsukasa ;)

lucky star cheerleaders-7

And dojiko Miyuki :)

lucky star cheerleaders-8

Together, they are Lucky Star! xD

Sure, they were expensive and their 1/4 scale size takes up lots of display space, they’ve turned out to be well worth it.  FREEing definitely knows how to keep a customer interested.  These cheerleader outfits brings the total to four unique outfits for each of the characters.  And these ones were free from FREEing (though I had to pay a bit to get them all the way to the USA ^^;).  So, yeah, quite satisfied as a Lucky Star fan and I plan to acquire at least a few of the new 1/4 Lucky Star figures that FREEing has lined up.  More on that in a few months ;)

15 thoughts on “Lucky Star Cheerleader Outfits

  1. AS

    Wow, nice of them to send it to you for free, if you don’t count S&H lol, especially since you spent so much for them. Nice of Selidor to help you out ^^. The girls look very cute.

  2. Xine

    Those 1/4 scale figs can really take up some serious space but they sure look great! It’s nice that you’re able to get those outfit for the girls, very cute.

  3. lovelyduckie

    I’m not as crazy about the cheerleading outfits in comparison to how much I REALLY liked the miko and winter uniforms. I’m starting to lose hope that I’ll be able to buy alternate outfits for my girls :( I’m curious was the proof of purchase cutting the barcode off the boxes? Or something else?

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Not the UPC if I remember. Each box had a little proof of purchase marker on the top with the number of the girl’s number in the figure series. Konata was 1, Kagami 2, Tsukasa 3, and Miyuki 4. I sent those in.

  4. MV

    sorry to ask something of you but for all the lucky star fans out there who didn’t manage to get the bonus outfits (mainly the cheerleader outfit) would you consider doing a picture of one of them flat on the floor from the front ant the back (with a ruler next to it would be ideal) so we can try to make them ourselves?

    thanks a bunch!!!!


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