Workout with Yui

Today, Yui will lead us in a series of exercises.  It’s important to keep your body healthy and in shape!

yui workout-1

Workout instructor, Yui-sensei!

yui workout-2

First, we begin with some stretches.

yui workout-3

One, two, three, four!

yui workout-4

H-hey! What do you think you’re doing?

yui workout-5

Mou… I guess it can’t be helped.

yui workout-6

School girls must wear bloomers in gym class?

yui workout-7

Hey, who’s this chibi?

yui workout-8

Azone Yui decides to join big sis.

yui workout-9

Two of a kind?

yui workout-10

Yui is easily distracted by her surroundings.  So much for exercises!

yui workout-11

Pretty flower ^^

Thanks for visiting! For those wondering, both Yui’s are wearing Azone’s bloomer sets.  Azone with the 1/6 scale set and DD Yui with the 60cm set.  Pretty neat, yes? ;)

24 thoughts on “Workout with Yui

  1. Fabienne

    the shot with the azone doll on her shoulder is very cool.
    these azone clothes are nice, sometimes I use their 1/6 clothes for some of my pvc figures after a little modding they fit ;D

  2. Smithy

    Training with Yuiko! XD

    Nice photos. Having the Volks 1/3 Yui and Azone 1/6 sized Yui side by side like that really puts them into perspective. The Azone looks so tiny!

  3. AS

    Nothing like some exercise ^^. The last time I went to Japan I saw people doing radio exercises early in the morning ranging from little kids to the elderly. Nice pics ^^.


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