K-ON! Ritsu and Mio by Azone

More K-ON! dolls!  Following the unbelievably cute Hirasawa Yui, Azone has released the next two dolls in the K-ON! series, Ritsu and Mio!  I and just so happened to acquire said new dolls ^^.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

Feisty drummer girl Ritsu makes her appearance!

Azone pulled an evil move and made Ritsu a Wonder Festival exclusive item.  Well, not exclusive to the event itself, but she was only sold online at Azonet and TBS ishop.  Had to use a deputy service to order her and ended up costing quite a bit more than Yui.  Not cool, Azone!

Well, aside from that nonsense, Ritsu is great!  She comes with her school uniform like Yui but her’s is slightly different.  Keeping with her slightly tomboyish style, Ritsu has her jacket open and shirt untucked.  In fact, Azone didn’t even include buttons on her jacket so it’s always open xD  And her skirt is really short ^^;

Sadly, no drums were included with Ritsu but they did give me some drumsticks ^^;  She also came with an alternative outfit which you will see a bit further down.

Huge forehead! xD  Nah, I’m just kidding.  I love ya, Ritsu ;)

Karate chop!

Really liked this photo, but I was so occupied with posing her that I didn’t notice that her hairband was falling off until I was editing the images.  Doh! >_<

And Mio!  She’s much cuter in person that the pre-production photos made her look.  I like her a lot :3

Like Yui and Ritsu, Mio comes with her school uniform.  However!  We also get her bass guitar ^^

Shiny bass ^^

Mio rocking out!

Mio looks genuinely good holding her bass :D

Like Yui’s Gita, Mio’s bass is nicely detailed with real strings and all.

Oh yeah, she comes with neko mimi :3

Lovely long, black hair.

And accurate pantsu too!

At the same time Azone released Ritsu, they also released some accessories for the K-ON! girls.  One of the items had Yui’s guitar case.

Yes, it’s a real case.  It has a zipper and you can place Gita in it.  The photo above actually shows the bag while Yui’s guitar is inside :)

The other item in the bag set was Yui’s school bag.

Now on to the really good stuff :D  Remember how I said Ritsu did not come with her drum set?  A bit of a disappointment but understandable considering how large and detailed it would have to be.  Instead, Azone gave us an full, extra outfit for Ritsu.  Her school festival live outfit ^^.

While Ritsu’s live outfit was included in her package, Mio’s and Yui’s live outfits were separate accessories.  I decided to buy them ^^.  They’re fairly well made with a soft, polyester material.  They have fuzzy linings and each comes with a removable sash.

Ritsu’s yellow outfit.

Mio’s purple outfit.

And Yui’s pink outfit ^^

Matching sandals included ;)

My Azone K-ON! collection is now 3/5 complete.  Only Mugi and Azusa remain.  Unless they decide to release Ui or some of the other secondary characters ^^;  I’m not entirely sure if I will be completing the rest of the set.  As much as I like these dolls, I definitely like Yui the most and Mugi and Azusa probably won’t change that.  Plus, they’re a bit expensive and I’ve been trying to save for other things.  Well, I currently have Mugi on pre-order.  I might just decide to keep it that way ^^;  Hope you liked the piccies.  Until next time!

35 thoughts on “K-ON! Ritsu and Mio by Azone

  1. Ningyo

    Oh. Ritsu’s forehead reminded me of the one thing that peeved me most about dolls – the little holes on the head where the hair comes out of. I’ve a phobia for that, I think. It just always came across as a little creepy…
    But it’s alright hidden, mm :p

    Those bass strings almost looks strummable. Are they strummable >.<? How'd they do those?
    The shimapan certainly is vital, is that cotton?

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, you can see the hair “roots” but only if you look very close. That photo was taken with a macro lens, so you don’t normally see it like that ;) Plus, Ritsu is the only doll that has hair pulled back like that. The other girls all have hair hanging down which covers the roots entirely.

      You could strum the strings but it would not produce any sound, sadly :(
      I think the shimapan are cotton. Not sure as I did not stroke them thoroughly xD

  2. Smithy

    Nice, the Azone versions of Ritsu and Mio look very cute. ^^

    Too bad the Azone faces tend to look a little flat. As it is, haven’t jumped on the doll bandwagon so while they are cute, not entirely my thing. They do make lovely photo subjects though.
    .-= Smithy´s last post… So-Ra-No-Wo-To 12 final =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Flat? To me, they don’t look much flatter than PVC figures. Well, if you don’t like dolls, that’s fine =P
      Personally, I’m beginning to appreciate dolls more these days xD Perhaps more in the future ;)

  3. Xine

    Wow! Your K-On set is almost complete! I love these dolls, they’re super cute. My fave in the anime is Mio but for the Azone dolls, I like Yui the most. I think her features are spot on! Nice work Azone. Oh, and I love the picture with Yui wearing the pink dress. Cool pics! ^^
    .-= Xine´s last post… Senjougahara Hitagi by Good Smile Company =-.

  4. lovelyduckie

    Good luck with your collection! I can’t wait to see it complete! I’m not a big K-On! fan but Ritsu is my favorite of the bunch by far. BUT regardless of if I like the show or not these dolls are adorable! CUTE!
    .-= lovelyduckie´s last post… Emma (Max Factory) =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      ehehehe, the damage was immense xD
      Let’s see… I was able to score Mio for a very reasonable 11,900 yen from Hobby Search.
      Ritsu and the additional accessories, on the other hand, were definitely more costly due to being WonFes exclusives. 16,000 for Ritsu, 5,000 each for Mio and Yui’s live outfits, and 3,800 for Yui’s guitar case and school bag. Way too much damage now that I think about it ^^;

      1. ninjovee

        Boo. Comment box ate my comment D: Feel free to delete previous comment

        Hm. I wonder if they made Ritsu a WF exclusive because they knew she won’t sell as much as the others. Hmmm. I do know for a fact that I don’t like Ritsu’s hair at all Dx But I guess that’s the most they could do to stay faithful to Ritsu’s chara design.

        W-wow. That’s just… epic damage for me… I guess I’ll have to make myself rich first before starting to adopt dolls. Dx
        .-= ninjovee´s last post… Cosplayer In Focus: Maridah =-.

  5. AWJ

    Note that Azu-nyan is going to be the first doll made with a brand new Azone body called “Pure Neemo Flection S”. The new body’s about 2 cm shorter than the original Flection, and has a more girlish figure with smaller hips and bust.

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  7. paul colton

    if anyone is willing to sell the bass guitar from the Mio set, please contact me; paulfcolton(at)gmail dot com. I am willing to pay very well for it. thanks

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