K-ON! Mugi-chan by Azone

The never-ending stream of cute Azone dolls continues, this time with Kotobuki Tsumugi, or Mugi-chan as she is more commonly known, from the popular series K-ON!.  And, of course, I have acquired this cute new Azone doll and am able to present to you the following review.  Let’s start with some pictures ^^

azone mugi 1

You can rest assured that Azone did an excellent job recreating Mugi’s wavy golden locks.  Not only that, but her cute, “daikon” eyebrows are present as well ^^;

azone mugi 2

Continuing the trend of including the girls musical instruments (except for Ritsu), Mugi comes with her electronic keyboard which is supported by its own collapsible stand for easy storage.

azone mugi 3

She looks incredibly cute standing behind her keyboard.  It’s a bit hard to capture in a photograph but I think this one does a decent job ^^

azone mugi 4

Mugi-chan on keyboard ^^

azone mugi 5

Mugi-chan does come with her summer vest (not pictured here) as it did with Yui and Mio.  I decided to just leave her in her default school blazer.  But what I want to know is when Azone is going to give us Mugi’s school live outfit?  They’ve already created them for Yui, Mio, and Ritsu.  I hope that Mugi’s outfit will also become available.

azone mugi 6

Mugi’s lovely golden blond hair ^^.  Azone did a nice job with the curly waves that she is depicted with in the anime.  Overall, Azone has done a great job converting beloved anime Mugi into doll Mugi.  The hair, the eyebrows, and the innocent cuteness is all here.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her, but now I’m glad I kept her on pre-order.  She’s a really cute doll :D

azone mugi 7

The keyboard that is included with Mugi is intricately detailed with various knobs, sliders, buttons, and a display screen.  Sadly, it does not produce real music xD

And now, a special treat!  So far, I’ve collected 4 of the 5 keion girls and wanted to display them each in a special outfit.  Here’s what I have so far!

azone mugi 8

Alice Mio, Little Devil Yui, Ritsu in Lace, and Mugi in a black, ribbon-ed one piece.  What do you think?  Which outfit do you like the most?  Sadly, I did not have enough matching shoes to go around so Mio and Mugi had to wear their school loafers >_<

azone mugi 9

K-ON! rabu!

And with that, I will conclude this post.  Stay tuned for the Azone Azusa doll that is scheduled to be released in late July.  I might have one more review waiting for you :)

18 thoughts on “K-ON! Mugi-chan by Azone

  1. meronpan

    mmmm always nice to come by and gawk at your beautiful pics ^^ as you say azone did a great job converting her from anime to doll.

    the set looks great! love the posing and outfits for the last shot ^^

  2. lovelyduckie

    ok WOW that picture of all the girls in their black/white outfits is adorable! The completionist in me gives you a big thumbs up.

    One thing I noticed about Mugi-chan in season 1 was that she never sang, that surprised me because I was pretty sure she had said that in the first episode she showed up that she was going to join the choir.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Hehehm thanks. I collected those outfits over the past 6 months ^^.

      I think you’re right. Mugi-chan did want to join the choir yet we never hear her sing. I would to hear a HTT song with Mugi on vocals!

  3. AWJ

    You mean you might have two more reviews waiting. Sawa-chan is coming out too ^^ It sounds like she might be a limited release like Ricchan, though…

    Also, I was wrong about Azu-nyan using a new body. Azone just announced that they’re revamping their 1/6 doll and clothing lineup based on a four-size system, and “Pureneemo S” is the new name for the old Pureneemo size. The other three sizes (all new body molds) will be Pureneemo XS, Pureneemo M, and Pureneemo L.

    Sawa-chan will be the first doll using the Pureneemo M body, meaning she’ll be about half an inch taller than the students and a bit more busty ^^

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Sawa-chan doll? Was not aware of this! >_< Hmmmm, I'll have to wait and see on her. I liked the 5 K-ON member girls to buy them but not sure about Sawa-chan.
      Thanks for the new info!

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