Azone Azu~nya

Azone has released the final member of the Keion club in doll form: cute little Azusa ^^.  I just so happen to have her ;)



As with Yui, Mio, and Mugi, Azusa comes with her instrument.  Ritsu was the only one to not have her instrument.  I guess drums were too much work to reproduce?  Anyway, Azusa’a guitar is pretty decent quality, though it’s hard to keep the strap from slipping off her shoulder ^^;



Azusa features a new body type, Pure Neemo Flection S.  It’s slightly smaller than rest of the Azone K-ON! girls.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a comparison shot but I’ll get to it eventually.  Maybe when I put Azusa in this cute maid outfit I have here… kekeke ;)


Although Azusa is the last official member of the Keion club girls, Azone is trying to cash in on the K-ON! craze and will be releasing even more characters from the series.  They released Sawa-sensei as a limited release at Wonder Fest but I wasn’t willing to spend the premium to acquire her.  Nodoka and Ui are also coming and I wouldn’t doubt if we saw Jun and some of the other minor characters as well.


Neko mimi mode!



For me, I think I’ve satisfied my Azone K-ON! quota and will stop at Azusa.  I love the K-ON! characters but these dolls aren’t cheap and the more I pose (or attempt to pose) the Pure Neemo bodies, the more frustrated I become with them ^^;  They seem to be made rather cheaply despite their high price.  They don’t pose well due to limited join flexibility and the joints tend to come apart far too easily.  Elbows detach, feet come loose, they fall over, etc…  My 1/6 scale Mama Chapp girls don’t exhibit problems like this ^^;



Still, I’m glad I have the five K-ON! girls.  They’re a great set together and I have the ability to dress them in lots of different outfits (which I take full advantage of!) so they have plenty of replay value ;)  Now I just need to do one final group shot with all the girls together.  Will get around to that at some point ^^;

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17 thoughts on “Azone Azu~nya

  1. Q

    I did hear that the Azone Azusa’s joints are very loose, causing posing to be of a pain in the rear. Sounds like it’s a production issue then. :\

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      All the Azone dolls I have exhibit the same problems. They’re just not very pose-able and the elbow, shoulder, and feet joints tend to be very loose. Basically, the Pure Neemo bodies aren’t built very well ^^; Sure, they look nice but as actual doll bodies, they don’t work well.

  2. Mick Mahesa

    Ooohh!! I have been waiting for your review of Azusa before buying one! Your pics really help me to decide, I guess I really need one now! Azusa will be my first K-on doll!

    Will Azone really be making UI and Nodoka dolls, I have been soo hoping for Jun-chan doll! Is there any preview pics of the upcoming dolls?

    I just love Jun-chan infact more than the rest of the other characters! I love her voice and her straight to the point attitude! I especially love when she pretended her hands were frozen and then she shouted BUUTA!! Kawaii!!!

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Oh, glad you are buying your first K-ON! doll ^^. Azone did do a great job making this Azusa doll incredibly cute. I left her in that kneeling cat pose (last pic) on my table and every time I pass by it’s like “kyuuun” cute xD
      I haven’t seen any preview pics of Ui but supposedly she is coming. Nodoka was seen at the recent Wonder Fest (pics here -> Not sure about Jun, but if they’re making a side character like Nodoka, they could very well do Jun too ^^

  3. lovelyduckie

    I can definitely understand just stopping at the main cast. It’s easy to slip into their trap and end up buying every character from a series with 12 or so characters. I decided something similar about how I’ll collect Lucky Star figures from here on out.

    ” They released Sawa-sensei as a limited release at Wonder Fest but I wasn’t willing to spend the premium to acquire her.”

    The completionist in me is cringing at that. It’s so frustrating when that happens if it’s something you actually want.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Sawa-chan has been popped up on YJA a few times since WonFes so I probably still could get her. But I think if I do that, I’ll just be more tempted to also get Nodoka, Ui, and whoever else they release later ^^;

      As for the Lucky Star figures, I’ve already pre-ordered the new FREEing figures but I’m wondering if I should really try to collect them all. Will be several hundred dollars more for the entire set ^^;;;


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