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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted ^^;  Sorry, there has been a long series of distractions assaulting me and monopolizing all my time.  But things are slowing down a bit so here is a status update, hooray!


So besides work taking up more of my time this past month (and it sure has), I have a new time sink for when I get home too: Final Fantasy 13!  Yeah, I broke down and bought it.  Don’t worry, it only cost me $18.  There’s no way I would pay full price for a Final Fantasy game ;)  I just got to the point where I can arrange my team as I want and can explore freely so I guess I’m 2/3 or so through.  Verdict so far?  Well, it is pretty linear as most players say but it is at least entertaining.  It’s not quite as memorable as FFVI but it’s playable xD

Let’s see… what else have I acquired recently?  Oh, yeah, a new car! :3

new car-1

My new (to me) 2007 Acura TSX.

new car-2

It has a nice leather interior.  Nicest car I’ve owned! ^^

new car-3

Now I finally have a reliable car.  My BMW (background) is nice and fun but a bit expensive to maintain ^^;

new goodies-3

And, believe it or not, I’ve actually been watching anime lately :D.  Specifically, I picked up Slayers Revolution, Revolution-R, and Eden of the East on blu-ray.  Maybe I’m just picky but I like my anime hi-def ^^.  And Rightstuf had a nice sale on blu-ray items so I couldn’t pass them by.  Watching the new Slayers series brings back good memories of the original series from the 90’s.  I highly recommend Slayers to all my readers!

And just this last weekend, I had the privilege of attending a doll meet/show in Columbus, Ohio with Tsunamidelta and a few other DD fans ^^.

Columbus doll meet-1

Lots of folks brought their dollies to the DoA meet.  I mostly just took pictures of the DDs though ^^;  Here is Yui with her new friend Paige.

Columbus doll meet-4

Alna, Airi (I think?), and Paige.  Gangster, policewoman, and gangster ^^.

Columbus doll meet-5

Spotted a grope in progress! xD

Columbus doll meet-8

Headed outdoors for not-so-crappy lighting.  Alna poses for the camera.

Columbus doll meet-11

While Yui puts on a solo concert.

Columbus doll meet-12

Gita daisuki!~

Columbus doll meet-14

Two gangster girls at once.  This will lead to ecchi mischief, I’m sure ;)

Columbus doll meet-16

My cutie Yui joins for a photo.

Columbus doll meet-19

The girls pose for one last group shot before they say their good-byes for the day.

new goodies-1

The doll meet was a lot of fun and I managed to pick up a few items for Yui at the show as well.  Here is one of them: a cute hooded sweater to keep Yui warm just in time for Fall.

new goodies-2

And to finish things off, Yui introduces a new friend: Lina Inverse plush!  Just in time for my revitalization of interest in Slayers, this dangerously cute Lina plush arrived from Rightstuf.  Better watch out or she’ll blast you with a Dragon Slave! ^^

In other news, I have been sorely neglecting my blog roll friends (and my own blog).  Sorry ^^;  I am going to try to get caught up on blogs this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by :)

13 thoughts on “Blog Update!

  1. tsunchan

    Ack!!! You beat me on a blog update.. Crap!! and beat me on the pictures from Columbus too.. Crap!!

    Ahhhh well, All I know we had lots of fun, and caused lots O’ trouble!

  2. lovelyduckie

    “Maybe I’m just picky but I like my anime hi-def ^^.”

    I AGREE! People roll their eyes at me and say I don’t benefit because it’s a “cartoon” but I swear it looks SO MUCH better! I’ve been meaning to try both Slayes and Eden of the East. Also love the sweatshirt. Oh also I have about 1-2 hours left in FFXIII before I defeat the game. But I plan on completing more of the game than just beating it. I want to explore certain areas and go on more hunts.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, and I definitely won’t buy anime if it’s lower quality in than how it was originally broadcast. One of the reasons I haven’t bought Toradora. It was broadcast 720p but it’s only available on DVD here :-/


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