A trip to Ohio

Over the weekend, I finally got around to visiting my good DD friend Tsunamidelta who lives in northern Ohio.  Not only was he able to show me the interesting places around town, he also brought to some of the best photography settings in the the Cleveland area. On Friday we visited downtown Berea and the campus of Baldwin Wallace University.  We managed to snap some lovely photos of our DDs while in the area.


Since we were attending a Halloween-themed party later that day, we decided to have our girls dress in costume.  Marisa got this lovely Miko outfit and traditional hime-cut wig.  Very cute :)


Tsunamidelta dressed Rina in this adorable nun outfit. Though she’s not as innocent as it appears ;)


Marisa enjoying a stroll around campus


We’ve been spotted!


It was a great day for a walk.


Iyla joins the party


See, I told you she’s not as innocent as she looks!


Yeah, she knows what she’s doing…


Enjoying the Fall weather



Iyla cosplaying as Reimu from Touhou


And another girl joins the party. My Rise cosplaying as a maid.


Those stockings and shoes show her true personality (or her owner’s? ;))

berea-14  Rise is too dignified for that. Or is she…?berea-16

Tsunamidelta spares nothing to get the perfect shot!


Lounging around


Ahhhh! A scary lion!


Marisa tames the beast?


“Beast, be cleansed!”

More photos from the trip to come ^^

34 thoughts on “A trip to Ohio

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, I love that Miko outfit. I specifically bought that new wig to get a traditional Japanese look with the Miko outfit :)

      Also, that nun is definitely not trustworthy ;)

  1. moon fantastic

    so far I see these pictures are very curious marisa looks very cute with black wig with that I like more than the blonde and the nun so cute with those cat ears clear whether half minimum is innocent not much to wait XD ja ja ja
    esa monja es coqueta pero con un pesimo gusto de calsetines X D ja ja ja
    no mentiras todo quedo muy chevere :)

  2. moon fantastic

    so far I see these pictures are very curious marisa looks very cute with black wig with that I like more than the blonde and the nun so cute with those cat ears clear whether half minimum is innocent not much to wait XD ja ja ja
    that nun is flirty but with a lousy calsetines like ha ha ha XD
    everything was left lies not so cool :)

  3. Koukou

    – If I didn’t know you, I would swear it was your natural color. I used to be blond, very blond, and now I’m some sgrtane in between and I almost want to dye it just so that I can be concretely something.And then stress about it.And then undo what I had done.And if that’s your zombie look, WOW!October 14, 2010 4:45 PM

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