Introducing Sachiko

By , June 24, 2012 10:06 pm

I’d like to introduce my newest DD girl, Sachiko.  She is a SQLab Yukari head with a face-up done by the excellent Hikaru (Ohime-sama Aesthetics).   I wanted to her to have a sort of melancholy look and I think she turned out pretty good! ^^

Sachiko intro-1
In these photos, she’s wearing a Miruya wig, green Cool Cat eyes, and a gothic lolita dress.  I think the outfit fits well with her personality but she also seems to look good in more upbeat styles as well :).  Sachiko was actually one of two new girls whom I recently adopted. More on her companion in a future post ^^

So here are my first photos of Sachiko. Please enjoy ^^

Sachiko intro-2

Her name is Sachiko with 幸 for ‘happiness’.  A bit of a contrast with her neutral expression, but she really is a happy girl ^^

Sachiko intro-3

I love this gothic lolita dress which Sachiko is showing off here.  It was purchased from a fellow DD owner via the DD Flickr group.  It really large when it’s all unfurled like this ^^;

Sachiko intro-4

Lots of ribbons and bows on the dress. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at tying pretty bows >_<

Sachiko intro-5

Lovely green eyes by CoolCat.  They’re priced fair and look great too!

Sachiko intro-6

Sachiko is my first fully custom DD and I’m quite pleased with how she turned out.  The lovely SQLab head certainly helped with that.  More posts soon, thanks for viewing ^^

20 Responses to “Introducing Sachiko”

  1. Adun says:

    Strangely enough I have a similar goth loli dress for my princesses.
    Adun´s last post… Supanova Sydney 2012

  2. Fabienne says:

    I like customized Dollfie heads and this is no exception, the mouth and the slightly rosy cheeks are really nice. The eyes give Sachiko a certain aura. Yeah and dress is great with so many details everywhere, the other Dollfies will get yealous of Sachiko :p
    Fabienne´s last post… Sandaime Muramasa by Max Factory

    • Yes, custom DDs are great. Although I think you can do a lot with a character-based DD head just by changing eyes and wigs, a custom face-up is an altogether unique thing ^^.

  3. Smithy says:

    Congrats! A lovely custom SQ Labs head, the green eyes and dark wig really suit her overall look. ^^
    That gothic lolita dress looks fabulous on her.

    Looking forward to more photos!
    Smithy´s last post… Sunset Atsuko

  4. Q says:

    Oh nice, a fully customised doll with SQ-LAB Yukari head! The expression gives Sachiko a rather cool look, which kinds reminds me of my BRS (since they both share the same head ^^;)

    The gothic lolita dress sure looks big when it’s evenly spread out! Do you have to do a lot of tying up on the bows? Would be quite an effort to do so if it’s a must!

    • Hey, sorry your comment got marked as spam! Not sure why it thought that ^^;

      Yeah, I like the Yukari head. The SQLab BRS was one of the reasons I picked this head. I saw it on YJA and liked the look of it so I wanted a Yukari of my own.

      The dress does have a lot of bows. Tying them all is not so bad but I’m not very good at making the bows look pretty. I need to learn how to tie bows nice one of these days ;)

  5. Fabrice says:

    Gosh her eyes are seriously eye catching.
    She must be a necromancer!
    Fabrice´s last post… Holo a Notre Dame

  6. Xine says:

    Sachiko sure is lovely. These DD girls look really nice and their wigs and outfits look cool too. How many daughters do you have now?
    Xine´s last post… Toy Pusher’s 3rd Anniversary

  7. Anon says:

    What is your wig size for Sachiko that you got from Miyura site?
    Is it SD/SD13/ MSD size wig?


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