FREEing 1/4 “Super” Kagami

super kagami 01

Lucky Star and FREEing strike back with the recent release of Hiiragi Kagami in 1/4 scale.  This is a follow-up to last month’s “Super” Konata, a figure of epic proportions (literally).  Luckily, “Super” Kagami does not disappoint ^^.

super kagami 02

I’m glad to finally have the lovely Kagami in my hands and I have to say, she looks much better in person ^^.  There were many fans that were critical of the pose and look FREEing chose for this figure and I admit I was skeptical as well.  However, having had a chance to inspect her thoroughly, I can say that I don’t mind the pose at all.  In fact, I’ve grown rather fond of it ^^.

super kagami 03

Poor Kagami has never been able to get into Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki’s class.  While they’re all having fun in 3-B, Kagami is stuck in 3-C with “Va!” girl Misao and some other misfits.  Of course, I still love Misao and the other 3-C girls ^^;

super kagami 04

Love Kagami’s bright blue eyes :D

super kagami 05

Kagami’s pose is quite fitting for her personality.  It really exemplifies her tsundere tendencies.  She is deep in thought but has the slightest blush visible as if she’s thinking something embarrassing but won’t admit it to Konata ^^;

super kagami 06

I like the way she is standing with her feet pointing somewhat together and one foot slightly raised.  Gives an extra cute appeal to her pose :)

super kagami 07

Like Konata before her, Kagami comes dressed in her school gym uniform which is real fabric and very well made.  And while I’m satisfied with the default clothes, I was quite pleased to learn that FREEing will be releasing additional clothing outfits for their 1/4 scale Lucky Star set.  Can’t wait for more info on them ^^

super kagami 08

Kagami’s trademark twintails + ribbon bows are in faithfully present.

super kagami 09

I think the wink is what discouraged many people about this figure.  While I’m not sure it was the best choice I can’t say it bothers me.  It does contribute to the deredere side of Kagami.

super kagami 10

Kagami’s gym uniform is removable like Konata’s.  This is a required feature for the swappable clothes but I think it’s also a little bonus for the fanboys ^^;

super kagami 11

Kagami is designed a bit different than Konata in how the clothes are swapped.  Due to Konata’s wide leg stance, both of her legs must be removable to slip the gym shorts off.  Kagami on the other hand, has a narrow stance which means neither of her legs need to be removable.  However, due to Kagami’s folded arms, both of are removable so the shirt can be taken off (only one of Konata’s arms is removable).

super kagami 12

Also unlike Konata, Kagami does not quite resemble a board and has a little something to be proud of ^^;

super kagami 13

What’s this, more shimapan? ^^;  Seems Kagami is also a fan of stripes.  I should also point out the color-coordination with hair color (same with Konata).  A trend to continue with the next two figures, perhaps?

super kagami 14

Kagami deep in thought.  Mind on Konata, maybe? ^^

super kagami 17

Tried a single light source to add some shadows.  Didn’t turn out bad but I think I could do better with more focused, direct light.  Will have to play more with the idea.

super kagami 15

Figma Kagamin causes some trouble for Super Kagami.  Kagamiku is slightly embarrassed.

super kagami 16

Now the pose really makes sense! xD

A great figure overall.  I’m glad to see Super Kagami is indeed taller than Super Konata.  I was afraid they really wouldn’t be proper scale.  And the pose didn’t turn out as bad as I initially thought.  Quite nice actually :D  I am now quite convinced on obtaining the last two figures in the set, Tsukasa and Miyuki.

Unfortunately, Kagami is not in stock at Hobby Search and HLJ, my main two shops, but may still be found elsewhere.  It looks like both Konata and Kagami are going out of stock at a lot of stores so if you’re still thinking getting them, sooner would probably be better than later.  Tsukasa is due out later this month so it’s too late to pre-order but should be in stock for at least a few days.  Look forward to her review ^^.

Figure Info:

1/4 Hiiragi Kagami from Lucky Star by FREEing
Released: Late August 2009
Retail Price: 12,190 yen

22 thoughts on “FREEing 1/4 “Super” Kagami

  1. Epa!

    Finally My god long live the flat chest lolita feidsih Tsundere goddess may she rule in comfortable shimapan and with her lover Konata.

  2. Smithy

    Was a bit skeptical about the facial expression and pose at first too, but seeing that comparison photo with Konata, it does fit and make perfect sense, doesn’t it? ^^

    A lovely figure and the additional outfits look interesting.

    Some very nice pictures, did you use the 100mm macro lens or your 17-55mm lens? Where are the arm seams btw, I can’t even spot them. Seems like figure quality by Freeing is quite good (which it should at this scale and price).
    .-= Smithy´s last blog ..Flower and leaves =-.

  3. meronpan

    looks like that velvet is working out nicely ^^ i’m currently planning a setup upgrade which hopefully will include some new background material ^^;

    great review! now you just need some seifuku to put on her :P

    someday i hope to add some scale lucky star figures to my collection, but for now it’s just figma kagamin ^^;
    .-= meronpan´s last blog ..Fate T Harlaown – Barrier Jacket True Sonic Form ~ フェイト・T・ハラオウン バリアジャケット 真・ソニックフォーム =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      The black velvet works great ^^. Almost all photos with it result in a solid black background. Occasionally have to tweak the black a bit but not too often :)

      I’m really looking forward to the new seifuku, cheerleader, and miko outfits ^^. Hope you get a hold of some LS figures soon!

  4. Tommy

    Lovely review of a beautiful figure.

    Makes me want to buy her, but then, I don’t really like her in her gym cloths. If I read the kanji correctly, it says those clothes are limited editions so I’m not sure how expensive it’ll be to obtain them. :S

    Konata looks really cute in that cheerleader outfit. ^^

    Looking forward to Tsukasa and Miyuki’s (cast off ;D) reviews. Maybe they’ll restock them, but their size and price will definitely make me think twice about getting the set.
    .-= Tommy´s last blog ..FigLife ~ Kagamin at the CN Tower =-.

    1. anonymous_object Post author

      Yeah, from what I’ve read, owners send in their proof of purchase with a form that comes with Miyuki. That, of course, rules me out since I’m not in Japan and they never do mail-order to overseas. I will be scouring Yahoo auctions around when Miyuki is released and hopefully I’ll find them there. ‘Tis a shame since I will have all 4 proofs of purchase :-/

      Perhaps you should just get one of your favorite Lucky Star character? If you don’t have any 1/4 scale figures, it’s almost worth getting just for that. Huge figures are fun xD

  5. Blowfish

    Nice Review!
    The LS Character Designs have always been a bit simple so Im kinda sceptical that they look detailed enough in such a big scale.The real cloth fabric might make up for that though

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