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Even more Lucky Star figures announced


Wow, what’s this?  More Lucky Star figures announced for release?  This year is turning out to be very generous to Lucky Star collectors.  This time it’s a 1/12 scale of the Hiiragi sisters, Kagami and Tsukasa by Wave Corporation.  This is the same company that’s releasing the Konata & Kanata set which I’ve already pre-ordered ;).  The only thing is that they are just 1/12 scale and yet the retail price will be ¥7,140 or ¥3,675 for each separately.  As much as I like Lucky Star, that seems a bit expensive for tiny 1/12 scale figures.  Ah well, I may still end up getting them ^^;  While Kagami while always be my favorite, Tsukasa looks particularly cute in this pose.  Quite tempting :)

More info and pics at Wave’s site.

More Lucky Star Nendoroids fall from the sky

Ok, they didn’t actually fall from the sky but that would be a nice change of weather ^^;  In fact, I’ve had these nendoroids for a couple months; I just haven’t gotten around to taking photos of them until now.  And the reason for that is that I have a new camera :)  Yep, I’m the proud owner of a Canon 40D.  This is my first DSLR (that I didn’t borrow) so I’m still learning how to apply the various features of this powerful camera.

Unfortunately, the following photos reveal my inexperience as I took them the day I received the camera >_<  Ah, well.. I’ve actually learned quite a bit in the few days since then so hopefully my next photos will look better.  If anyone has expereience taking good photos of figures, I’d be interested in additional advice.  Hit the jump for the photos. Continue reading