Konata & Tsukasa Figma

By , September 21, 2008 9:49 pm

Yay, more Lucky Star goodies!  Hiiragi Tsukasa and Izumi Konata made their way from Japan to my home earlier this week.  These Figma action figures were ordered from HobbyLink Japan if you’re looking for a place to pick these or other Figma up.

As I said before, I’m not much a figure collector and these are my first Figma figures.  And having played with them for a couple days, I can safely say that they are incredibly cool ^^  As a kid, I didn’t play with action figures much (more into Legos and video games), but these things are a ton of fun.  Being able to swap out the hands and faces plus the ability to pose them makes me feel like a kid with a new toy ^^;

Tsukasa and Konata just having fun together

Tsukasa thinks Konata is a bit strange...

Tsukasa texting Kagami while Konata breaks into dance

Tsukasa texting Kagami while Konata breaks into dance

Tsukasa really loves her ketai denwa...


Konata just being herself...

Konata just being herself...

I think I’m having too much fun with these action figures.  I have already ordered the Kagami version (of course) and I plan of getting the Miyuki figma when it comes out.  More things to spend money on, yay!

omg! mini sukumizu Konata shows up! kawaiiii

omg! mini sukumizu Konata shows up! kawaiiii

Mini miku Tsukasa joins the fun

Mini miko Tsukasa joins the fun

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  1. Rikarin says:

    Congrats on your both figma! Im waiting to get hold on the Tsukasa soon.. i hope.. so that my Konata will have company! Your pics are super cute!!!

  2. […] introduction.   She is Kagamin and that’s all that needs said ^^  I already have the Tsukasa and Konata figma so I’m more familiar with what to expect here.  She came in pretty good condition, no major […]

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