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Atelier Sai Hiiragi Kagami

I’ve got a few new figures to cover but decided to pick my favorite character to start off with:  Hiiragi Kagami from the series Lucky Star.  This latest rendering of Kagami is by Atelier Sai, a company with which I did not have any prior experience.

atelier sai kagami 1

So how does Atelier Sai’s non-scale Kagami scale up to the competition?  Read on to find out ^^.

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Atelier Sai’s Kagami now shipping

Atelier kagami

For the Lucky Star fans out there, a new Kagami figure is available starting today.  It is Atelier Sai’s non-scale Hiiragi Kagami, the first of a set by them.  At 160mm, it’s somewhere around 1/8 scale, maybe a bit smaller.  I don’t have any Atelier Sai figures so I can’t say how the quality will be but the at 4,560 yen I’m willing to take a gamble on them.  I’ll be the guinea pig and get her ^^

She can be ordered at Hobby Search.  Tsukasa will supposedly be also shipping later this month ^^.

Atelier Sai’s Tsukasa up for Preorder


Lookie, it’s a Tsukasa figure!  This figure is now up for preorder at your favorite online shops.  Tsukasa’s onee-san, Kagami, is already scheduled for a May release (Also by Atelier Sai).  I ordered her a while ago ;)

Maybe the Lucky Star fans out there will also want to pick up this lovely Tsukasa figure to complete the Hiiragi sisters?  She will be released in August for ¥4800.  More infos can be found at Atelier Sai’s site.  If you want to preorder her now, try Hobby Search :)