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So K-ON’s over…


Now what?  It was, by far, the most popular series of the season and now that it’s over, what did you think?  Personally, I thought it was a good series though not as epic as some fans anticipated.  It was arguably the most hyped anime series since The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.  Maybe a bit too much hype?  Yeah, I’d probably say so but that doesn’t detract from the fact that every week I had fun watching the latest episode ;)

And despite the huge fanbase that formed around Mio, she didn’t end up being my favorite character.  For me, it was Yui with Azusa in a close second.  Mio was entertaining most of the time but I think her ‘scaredy-cat’ personality was overdone a bit.  Ritsu and Mugi-chan also were fun characters and we can’t forget about the super-cute imouto, Ui :3.  Honestly, that’s what made this show worthwhile; the characters were great.  The story itself was fairly mediocre but the characters and their interactions kept the pace, laughs, and fun going ^^

Moe moe kyun!

Moe moe kyun!

So, yeah, K-ON! wasn’t a miraculously awesome series or anything but it is was fun ^^.  Hmmm, now I need to think about the next show to watch…  Maybe I should catch up on Hayate or Eden of the East.

2009-06-12-169937More pics of Azu-nyan and the rest of the K-ON! gang can be found at e-shuushuu ^^b

Toradora: All for the Journey


I was finally able to watch one of my most anticipated series of anime seasons past.  Toradora kept my attention all the way through with both humorous and emotionally touching storytelling.  With an great story and a wide array of strong characters, Toradora is an excellent series that should be on every anime fan’s “To watch” list. Continue reading

Macross Frontier


Watch out! Emergency Nuns!

I started watching Macross Frontier a few weeks ago and finally got around to finishing it. I thought I was going to be able to complete the series in just a few days but as the series progressed my interest in it dwindled.  It’s unfortunate because after watching Super Dimensional Fortress Macross a few months ago (which I enjoyed), I was looking forward to Macross Frontier.  Read on for my impressions (and some spoilers).

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Tsukasa & Miyuki Nendoroids, Comptiq Ver.


Lookie, Tsukasa and Miyuki Nendoroids!  These are the Comptiq versions which were released earlier this month.  The Comptiq versions were only available by order through the Comptiq magazine so I had to go through a third party to get these pre-ordered last fall.  Got a pretty good deal on them too since I did order them so early.  They can still be found on YJA and Ebay just for an extra premium. Continue reading

Anime and waiting


Do you keep up with new anime as it’s broadcast or do you prefer to wait until it’s been fully aired and watch the episodes consecutively?  I used to be the former but these days I tend to wait for a series to be complete and then watch at my leisure.  I’ve thought about what changed my anime watching habits and it comes down to a change in my tastes.

Like a lot of anime fans just getting hooked on the hobby, I watched a lot of different anime at first.  Looking back, I realize some of the series I watched back then (and liked at the time) were not exactly masterpieces. When you’re new to anime, you don’t have a lot of reference points for gauging the actual quality of a series so a lot of what you watch seems good ^^;

Over the years, my more picky tastes have lead me try to filter out the lesser anime and focus on just the series that I can enjoy.  I will admit that I take advantage of the fansub/raw community for the time-shifting ability.  I know some people who will watch everything regardless of the quality.  I just can’t do that anymore, not only because of time constraints and but also because I would probably not like anime much after a while ;)

That isn’t to say I don’t keep up with the new series when they start airing.  I sometimes do watch the first couple episodes of a new series to determine if I would like to watch it completely later on.  Plus, running an image board which is constantly kept up to date with illustrations from the most recent series forces me to stay on top of general plot lines and characters.

In order to prevent yourself from getting stuck in a specific genre or style of anime the key is to find others with similar tastes and leech off their recommendations.  One thing I have learned is that finding others who rate some of your favorites highly and they should be a good candidate for finding new series to try.  Often you’ll find shows you wouldn’t have thought yourself but do end up liking. :)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to marathoning Macross Frontier…

Shugo Chara!


This image and more at e-shuushuu

There are some anime that match up so perfectly with your preferences that they seem flawless.  Of course, this varies with each person’s personal opinions and preferences.  Some people like action oriented shounen, others Gundam-like war epics.  For me, Shugo Chara! is one of those series.  The perfect mix of the themes I enjoy the most :)  The series itself would most comfortably fit into the “mahou shoujo” genre.  Despite Shugo Chara! being quite kid-friendly, it actually has more depth than most other mahou shoujo anime. Continue reading