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Trying a new theme


Since I had the previous wordpress theme in use for a year, I thought it was time for a change.  I like the styling of this new theme though I may tweak a bit more.  Also made a new banner using an illustration by Natsuki Heru though I think it needs some work (seems a bit plain right now).  Now I just need to configure all my new widget spaces >_<

Shugo Chara!


This image and more at e-shuushuu

There are some anime that match up so perfectly with your preferences that they seem flawless.  Of course, this varies with each person’s personal opinions and preferences.  Some people like action oriented shounen, others Gundam-like war epics.  For me, Shugo Chara! is one of those series.  The perfect mix of the themes I enjoy the most :)  The series itself would most comfortably fit into the “mahou shoujo” genre.  Despite Shugo Chara! being quite kid-friendly, it actually has more depth than most other mahou shoujo anime. Continue reading

Name change

Just popping in to announce a name change for the blog.  The original name was just ‘The Anonymous_object’ which is kinda boring since it’s just my nickname >_<

I have decided to rename the site to ‘Cool & Spicy’ as tribute to the excellent Shugo Chara! series ^^

Also, I know I haven’t posted much lately… I’ve been getting distracted lately.  Hopefully I will get the motivation to put up some new content soon.  Until then, this Amu-chan can hold you over.