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Haruhi Shugi Artbook by Noizi Ito

haruhi shugi 01

I’ve got a small stack of new artbooks that I’ve been meaning to go through and I picked this one off the top.  I wonder if this book really needs an introduction ;).  It’s Haruhi and Noizi Ito.  One of the most successful anime series combined with a popular, incredibly talented artist ^^.  Noizi Ito is also among my favorite artists.  Her work never ceases to please me and Haruhi Shugi does not fail to deliver. Continue reading

Huge artbook stash arrives

Just a quick look at a huge delivery of artbooks that came in recently.  Just in case anyone thought I stopped collecting artbooks and was going to just focus on my new found love of kawaii figures… think again ;)

Actually, this is about 8 months worth of artbooks on my “Wish List” that I finally got around to ordering.  I had some extra money left over from Christmas gifts and decided to put it to good use.  Most of these artbooks were ordered back in January but since I’m incredibly cheap, I chose surface shipping for the bulk of them.  That plus my relatively frugal spending on C75 goods allowed me to put more funds to official artbooks.

So here’s a preview of the goodies ^_^/


Expect more info on each of the artbooks here over the next week or so.  Considering the large number of books here, I won’t be going into great depth, probably an overview and a few sample scans of each.  Check back in a day or two for the first batch ^^

Some C75 loot


My Comiket 75 loot finally arrived.  Due to multiple issues with auction sellers and with the deputy service, these items are well over due seeing as how C75 was back in December, 2008.  Oh well, it was worth the wait for these two doujinshi ^_^  Yep, only two this time around.  I was far more conservative with my spending this Comiket, partly due to the bad USD->Yen rate and partly due to me wanting to save money.  I’ve decided I will only be making doujinshi purchases if I can really justify the crazy high prices for the deputy service fee, money transfer, internal + domestic shipping + the actual item cost.  From now on I will probably limit my spending to only doujinshi artbooks that contain lots of illustrations or something unique.  Paying $50 for a something like a 15 page doujinshi + clear file is no longer going to work for me >_<. Continue reading

Nishimata Aoi’s 西又葵です


This little book arrived today.  It’s by the popular illustrator Nishimata Aoi of Shuffle! fame.  She works at the company Navel which makes eroge (I wonder why female illustrators do this…).  In fact, she worked along side another famous illustrator, Hiro Suzuhira, who is a long-time friend of Nishimata-san’s.  If you’ve seen their work along side the other’s, you may notice a similarity in style.  That’s not a bad thing though, as they both have a knack for drawing very moe characters :)

So, what’s this book about?  Well, it has some nice illustrations but it’s really more focused around a collection of essays by Nishimata.  The book is about herself (hence the title),  her childhood, her work, etc.  It has about 20 illustrations, some taking up 2 pages.  The whole book is 130 pages long with essays, her illustrations, and some pictures of herself (and cat sometimes).

I mostly ordered this book to find out how much BK1 charges for a single book shipped via SAL and how long it takes to arrive in Indiana.  It turns out it’s pretty cheap and takes about 2.5 weeks.  Much cheaper than Amazon’s shipping though no where near as quick.

Some sample images:



Comiket 74 Loot Arrives

I came home today to find 2 packages of C74 goods awaiting me.  That was a nice little gift from the postal service.  Just kidding, the limited number of goods you see in these images cost a small fortune and I know others that bought much more than I did.  Such is life when you have to import your hobby from another country…

Anyway, I am giving a brief preview of the goodies in from the Summer Comiket event.  I likely be revisiting the items in greater detail.  I just want to give a quick glimpse of what ~30,000 yen went to…

Items by the following circles and artists: RAMI, WNB, FancyFantasia, Dmyo, Closet Child, Electromagnetic Wave, Frill*Frill, and Tinkle.

That Dmyotic 2.0 book on the far left was not from C74, it just happened to arrive in the bunch ^^;

I’m actually waiting on a couple more items but this is the bulk of what I scored from C74.  Look forward to a more in depth look into each in the future :D