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Some C76 Loot

By , September 23, 2009 2:20 pm
c76 doujinshi

my loots

My Comiket 76 loot arrived last week ^^.  For the uninitiated, Comic Market (Comiket) is biyearly doujinshi event.  The most recent event, C76, took place on August 14-16.  Read on for more info and pretty pics.

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Some C75 loot

By , February 25, 2009 12:08 am


My Comiket 75 loot finally arrived.  Due to multiple issues with auction sellers and with the deputy service, these items are well over due seeing as how C75 was back in December, 2008.  Oh well, it was worth the wait for these two doujinshi ^_^  Yep, only two this time around.  I was far more conservative with my spending this Comiket, partly due to the bad USD->Yen rate and partly due to me wanting to save money.  I’ve decided I will only be making doujinshi purchases if I can really justify the crazy high prices for the deputy service fee, money transfer, internal + domestic shipping + the actual item cost.  From now on I will probably limit my spending to only doujinshi artbooks that contain lots of illustrations or something unique.  Paying $50 for a something like a 15 page doujinshi + clear file is no longer going to work for me >_<. Continue reading 'Some C75 loot'»

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