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My Comiket 75 loot finally arrived.  Due to multiple issues with auction sellers and with the deputy service, these items are well over due seeing as how C75 was back in December, 2008.  Oh well, it was worth the wait for these two doujinshi ^_^  Yep, only two this time around.  I was far more conservative with my spending this Comiket, partly due to the bad USD->Yen rate and partly due to me wanting to save money.  I’ve decided I will only be making doujinshi purchases if I can really justify the crazy high prices for the deputy service fee, money transfer, internal + domestic shipping + the actual item cost.  From now on I will probably limit my spending to only doujinshi artbooks that contain lots of illustrations or something unique.  Paying $50 for a something like a 15 page doujinshi + clear file is no longer going to work for me >_<.

So, despite just two items in my C75 stash , they are very good buys in my opinion.  First off, I have 白夜茶会 (Byakuya Chakai) by the very talented Tinkle. While this is technical a doujinshi illustration book, if it had an ISBN and a publisher, it could very easily pass for a commercial artbook, it’s that good ^^.  If you’ve seen Tinkle’s work before, you’re probably familar with the unique style with a mix of moe and sexiness.  Of course, like most of Tinkle’s art, a lot of it is on the ecchi side though not really erohon quality.  In fact, you’ll find vastly more girls with peeking pantsu here than not ^^;  Since the images in this book have been floating around the web for a while and I’m not going to try to compete with some of the more serious scanners.  Instead I will offer a sample :)  One thing I can say after scanning a couple pages is the the print quality of this book is very fine.  There is virtually no screening when scanned at 600dpi which is not common with artbooks.  The printing on this book must have been expensive ^^;


The cover

Quite possibly the best illustration in the the book.  Kagami ftw ;)

Quite possibly the best illustration in the the book. Kagami ftw ;)

Pantsu visible ^^

Pantsu visible ^^

The other item in my order was Ueda Ryo‘s (circle Fancy Fantasia) 2009 calendar + Color Defragmentation book + The Evening Star + clear file set.  Ever since I discovered this artist, I’ve fallen in love with his art.  I previously purchased Fancy Fantasia’s Alice in Wonderland 2 book from C74 and was impressed by the style and quality so this set was high on my list.

The calendar is pretty straight forward and has 7 full color illustrations (2 months per page).

One of the calendar pages.  I like the tail :D

One of the calendar pages. I like the tail :D

Next up is the Color Defragmentation illustration book.  This is a full color book with 29 images.  The illustrations here are simply excellent :)   There’s also The Evening Star which is a black and white doujinshi based on Tales of Vesperia.  It’s actually by Ueda Ryo and a few other people I don’t know.   Since it’s black and white, I didn’t scan anything from it.

Alice in Wonderland style is always good :)

Alice in Wonderland style is always good :)

Last is the clear file included in the set.  A good clear file can be impressive looking with and this one is a good example.  While the print quality isn’t as good as Tinkle’s Byakuya Chakai, it is above average.

The clear file.  I wonder if any really uses these things ^^;

The clear file. I wonder if any really uses these things ^^;

And that’s it.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  For those of you who haven’t tried buying Comiket merchandise before, maybe now you’re convinced after seeing the awesome goods you can acquire?  Then again, maybe you still want to save your money ^^;

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