Yay, my camera is back

Yep, I had to send my recently acquired Canon 40D back to the seller due to a problem with the backup battery. Basically, it didn’t work >_<  Every time I took out the main battery to charge it, the camera’s date/time would be reset since the backup battery didn’t take over.  This caused the main battery to be constantly in use (even when the camera was off) to keep the time.  The main battery drained faster and then I had to remove it again to recharge which reset the time again!  OK, I didn’t want to keep doing that so I sent it back to the reseller who, surprisingly enough, had a warranty program for their used cameras.  After about a week at the seller’s, I get a camera back.

And, yes, I did buy it used.  This model came in out late 2007 so it’s not exactly brand new but buying a new retail kit is still pretty pricey.  On the other hand, since it has been out for over a year, considerably cheaper, used 40D’s can be found.  The original camera I bought was in decent shape but clearly in used condition.  The camera I got back was not the same camera I initially had.  In fact, it’s nearly brand new :D  I ran a shutter count check on it, and it had only been clicked about 500 times.  In the life of a DSLR, that’s really young.  So, you could say I’m pretty happy.  I paid about half the price of a new 40D and ended up with a nearly new one in the end.

Now, back to taking more photos of cute figures ^^;

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