Comiket 74 Loot Arrives

By , September 11, 2008 10:17 pm

I came home today to find 2 packages of C74 goods awaiting me.  That was a nice little gift from the postal service.  Just kidding, the limited number of goods you see in these images cost a small fortune and I know others that bought much more than I did.  Such is life when you have to import your hobby from another country…

Anyway, I am giving a brief preview of the goodies in from the Summer Comiket event.  I likely be revisiting the items in greater detail.  I just want to give a quick glimpse of what ~30,000 yen went to…

Items by the following circles and artists: RAMI, WNB, FancyFantasia, Dmyo, Closet Child, Electromagnetic Wave, Frill*Frill, and Tinkle.

That Dmyotic 2.0 book on the far left was not from C74, it just happened to arrive in the bunch ^^;

I’m actually waiting on a couple more items but this is the bulk of what I scored from C74.  Look forward to a more in depth look into each in the future :D

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  1. blissfullynaive says:

    A Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei doujin? *gasp~

  2. […] clear file set.  Ever since I discovered this artist, I’ve fallen in love with his art.  I previously purchased Fancy Fantasia’s Alice in Wonderland 2 book from C74 and was impressed by the style and […]

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