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Miscellaneous Doujinshi Stash

I’ve got a stockpile of doujinshi that I need to post about. Unfortunately, I just haven’t gotten around to it (I get distracted and it’s not a high priority). Since comiket74 just finished up and I’ve got another group of doujinshi heading my way, I figured now would be a good time to clear up the queue a bit.

I’m starting with three doujinshi from varying sources and release dates. I plan on doing some artist focused reviews in the near future expect some POP, WNB, and Dmyo reviews soon :-) As usual, I have scanned sample images from each release. Continue reading

May doujinshi stash

I received a shipment of Yahoo! Japan Auction items through Shopping Mall Japan last week, but I was too occupied with going to Acen to post anything about it. Since I’ve already mentioned that I don’t want to debind my precious artbooks, I have decided to take photographs of sample images from each item instead of trying to scan pages from a bound book which results in not only a cropped scan but also bends the spine of my books. So please don’t mind the photos with parts of my fingers in the shot ^^; It was kind of difficult to hold the books open and in position and take a photograph (even with a tripod). Also, some of them aren’t fully in focus across the entire image and the flash reflected too much in some parts. Hopefully, I will get better at this process with more practice XD
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Tsukiyo Chakai 月夜茶会

Regarded among some collectors as the “Holy Grail” of artbooks, Tsukiyo Chakai by Tinkle (Tinklebell, Tinkle, Tinkerbell) can be difficult to locate these days. It is out of print and can go for 5,000 – 10,000円 on Yahoo! Japan Auctions (if you can find it). I actually stumbled upon this artbook at, of all places, Ebay USA for what could only be described as a steal ($10). Being that this is a used artbook, it is not in perfect condition. The cover has some parts that are worn, particularly in the corners and edges. The pages inside are pretty much free of defects which is what really matters to me. Overall, this was a great find and I’m glad I was able to pick it up. Now, let’s take a look at what’s inside.

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New Arrival: Magicu, Dengeki Hime, Matsumoto Noriyuki

A package of goodies arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. This time, the three artbooks are Dengeki Hime Moe Side, Magical Cute 2, and Noriyuki Matsumoto’s Rin. These were purchased second-hand through beNippon. Also, they came with a little something extra (Hello Kitty candy ftw!) ^^ This entry also marks the first time I have included scans of my artbooks. I have no intentions of scanning the entirety of my artbooks for several reasons. The main reason is that obtaining a good scan from most artbooks requires unbinding the artbook which basically destroys it. Without unbinding it, it’s hard to obtain a good scan due to the spine of the book getting in the way. Also, there are other groups or individuals out there that could probably do a better job than me with higher quality equipment and more time. Scanning, cropping, and cleaning the number of images in a normal artbook can be extremely time consuming. For these three artbooks, I have selected a few images from each to demonstrate the printing and style of each book. Also, since this is my first attempt at scanning anything from an artbook, the images may not be the most attractive >_< Now, on the artbooks themselves. Continue reading

Artbook List

No, I have not forgotten about my blog ;) I’ve been working on my list of artbooks and it’s taken more time than I expected, but it’s finally complete. I’ve created a new, separate page just for my artbooks.

See anon’s artbook list

I’ve got a few orders in the mail so I will be updating the list soon ^^
If you’re also a collector of artbooks, I’d love to hear about your favorite books and get recommendations for new ones. Feel free to comment :D