New Arrival: Magicu, Dengeki Hime, Matsumoto Noriyuki

A package of goodies arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. This time, the three artbooks are Dengeki Hime Moe Side, Magical Cute 2, and Noriyuki Matsumoto’s Rin. These were purchased second-hand through beNippon. Also, they came with a little something extra (Hello Kitty candy ftw!) ^^ This entry also marks the first time I have included scans of my artbooks. I have no intentions of scanning the entirety of my artbooks for several reasons. The main reason is that obtaining a good scan from most artbooks requires unbinding the artbook which basically destroys it. Without unbinding it, it’s hard to obtain a good scan due to the spine of the book getting in the way. Also, there are other groups or individuals out there that could probably do a better job than me with higher quality equipment and more time. Scanning, cropping, and cleaning the number of images in a normal artbook can be extremely time consuming. For these three artbooks, I have selected a few images from each to demonstrate the printing and style of each book. Also, since this is my first attempt at scanning anything from an artbook, the images may not be the most attractive >_< Now, on the artbooks themselves.

Dengeki Hime – Moe Side
This is one of the first two Dengeki Hime artbook collections and was released around the same time as Custome Side. This artbook has some illustrations by well known artists such as CARNELIAN, Tony Taka, Poyoyon Rock. Some of the images are better than others, but overall, it’s a good artbook. I think Moe Side may be slightly less ecchi than Custome Side, but there are still some less than innocent images scattered throughout. I’m not sure if it was due to the type of paper or because of the printing process, but a some of the images from this book were difficult to scan. As with the other Dengeki Hime collections, if you want to get a look at various different artists, this artbook is a good buy.

Magical Cute 2
Magical Cute 2The second Magical Cute illustration collection book. I have to say I really love these artbooks. There’s a great variety of artists here including YUG, O-ji, Matsuryu, and more. The images are just as spectacular too! I had a hard time picking out which ones to scan since I liked so many. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that, unlike Magical Cute 1, there are few ecchi images by Akira at the end of the book. Compared to the sugary moe look of the rest of the book, they feel out of place and unnecassary. Check out a few more images from the book below.

Noriyuki Matsumoto’s Rin
A pretty interesting collection of works by Noriyuki Matsumoto. He seems to have a thing for drawing girls in traditional Japanese clothing which are beautifully detailed. There are also a number of images of girls in swimsuits. Mizugi and Kimonos, what a great combination ^_^ The paper used in this artbook is rough and makes the colors look a tad duller than I would have liked. While 95% of this artbook is work safe, there are a few pages of adult themed images near the end of the book. Also, there are 3 pages of “girls with guns” as well as a couple short mangas, one of which is in color. A pretty good artbook overall.

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