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Macross Frontier


Watch out! Emergency Nuns!

I started watching Macross Frontier a few weeks ago and finally got around to finishing it. I thought I was going to be able to complete the series in just a few days but as the series progressed my interest in it dwindled.  It’s unfortunate because after watching Super Dimensional Fortress Macross a few months ago (which I enjoyed), I was looking forward to Macross Frontier.  Read on for my impressions (and some spoilers).

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Super Dimension Fortress Macross Summary

Rawr, it's a monster!

Well, the screenshot pretty much sums this series up…

Ok, just kidding but that is an actual screenshot from the series, no editing at all XD  I suppose the fact that Macross is 25 years old has something to do with the sometimes curious animation quality.  So why, you ask, would I be watching such an old series? Continue reading