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Toradora Figures!

I have purchased several Toradora figures recently and have decided to review them all in a single post.  I’d like to start with Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Taiga Aisaka which was released in October last year.  Sadly, she was a mail order exclusive and thus was a tad more difficult to obtain.  Thankfully, Tokyo Hunter was able to order it for me ^^.  It was the first time I had used his service and he was able to promptly ship it out when it arrived :)  Was a bit more expensive than most deputy services but if you want to order an actual mail order-only item when there isn’t even a Japan-only web order form, I would recommend his service. Continue reading

Toradora: All for the Journey


I was finally able to watch one of my most anticipated series of anime seasons past.  Toradora kept my attention all the way through with both humorous and emotionally touching storytelling.  With an great story and a wide array of strong characters, Toradora is an excellent series that should be on every anime fan’s “To watch” list. Continue reading