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1/7 Basketball Kyou by Wave

Seeing as how I’m about half a dozen figures behind in reviews, I decided it was time to stop being lazy and post pretty pictures.  This time ’round it’s Fijibayashi Kyou from the popular visual novel and hit anime series Clannad.  Did anyone else watch it? ;)  Kyou is one of my all time favorite characters so I couldn’t help but to pick her up last August. Continue reading

Superbowl Time!

Completely non-anime related, but today is the Superbowl!  Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this but the Indianapolis Colts fought their way to the game this year and I just happen to reside in Indianapolis ^^.  Everyone around here is really excited with parties going on all over the place ^^.  Game starts in just 3 hours.  Go Colts!

In other, more anime-related news, the Wonder Festival is going on and lots of delicious figures and such have been displayed.  I’ve already spent wayyy more than I should have on some limited edition items and even more tempt me ;_;

Also!  Just finished Mass Effect 2 last night.  Was an excellent game ^^.  Spent 38 hours in game.  Not quite the 60+ hours I put into Dragon Age: Origins but not definitely can’t be called a short game ^^.  So looking forward to Mass Effect 3 now :D

That’s all for now… maybe another post tonight or tomorrow!

Anony’s new home


As promised, pics of anony’s new place of residence.  Needed more room so I moved into my own place.  Here is my office/rec room.  Still sorting out some things as is apparent from the mess of boxes and such ^^;


The bedroom.  Kagabu keeps me company ;)


Messy kitchen.  Bananas should be eaten before they get rotten and go to mush :-/


And last up is the living room.  Outfitted with newly acquired coffee/end table set as well as surround sound system.  Wimpy little Christmas tree too ^^;

Well, that’s most of it.  I will probably have updated pics of my computer room soon.  Got some new furniture ;)  Since I’m wayyy behind on figure reviews, I will try to get at least one out later this week.  Just need to decide which one to start with… ;)

Still Alive ^^;


Posting an update to let readers know I am indeed still alive and not dead xD.  Have not posted in over a month due to a few factors.  My new place took longer to get settled in than I expected and things are finally returning to normal for me.

Of course, my recent move wasn’t the only thing keeping me away from the blog ^^;  I happened to pick up Dragon Age: Origins a few weeks back and I have been a slave to the game since xD  I just finished the game last night (finally!).


Near the end of the game

I know Meronpan also got himself temporarily addicted to the game, so I’m not alone ^^;  I tend to take my time though so I probably played a bit longer than he did >_<.  My final play time was 67 hours.  I can’t recall the last game on which I spent so much time (excluding World of Warcraft, of course ^^;).  Was it worth it?  Heck, yeah.  I’m pretty picky about playing games all the way through and I wouldn’t have put that much time into this game if I didn’t like it.

I chose to play as a human female warrior.  Continuing the Bioware tradition, the game lets you chose between good and evil throughout the course of the story.  The actions you take and the choices you make will affect how your companions and NPCs view you as well as what quests you can get and what abilities you can acquire.  This time around, I tried to play as an all good character ^^;  Of course, not all the choices in the game are clear cut between good and evil and more than once I had to stop and think about the possible consequences of my actions.


One choice I do regret is using this hair/face combination for my character, as seen above.  Not that it’s a bad look, but sadly it turned out to be very similar to one of the main companions in the game (above left) and they ended up looking too alike >_<  I will probably replay Dragon Age but not immediately.  When I do, I will choose a more unique look for my character ^^  I would upload more screenshots but Bioware’s screenshot uploader thing is not working at the moment so I had to take manual screenshots from my last saves (mostly endgame).

Overall, an excellent game.  Story was superb, combat was pretty good (got a bit repetitive at times though), and the character development was top-notch.  Definitely a recommendation from me.  I don’t care much for Japanese RPGs these days, but this game reminds of what I do like in an RPG ^^b


Aside from Dragon Age, I am done moving and it didn’t take me a month to do it despite the time elapsed since my last post ^^;  Had to buy some new furniture and such but my new home is now mostly complete.  Lots more storage room for all the lovely figures that were once crowded :).  Will have pics of the new crib up in a day or so.

P.S. Morrigan is awesome :D



The reason I’ve been inactive lately.  Moving to a new home this weekend and am in the long, boring process of packing up all my belongings.  I can also now say that Nendoroid packaging is terrible!  Trying to get them all properly back into their boxes was a nightmare.  Anyway, will hopefully be fully moved in a few days and can get back into my normal, lazy schedule :D

Some new goodies

Some recently acquired goodies ^^.  I’ve got a long list of figures that I have not yet had a chance to post about but have been quite busy recently (more on that soon).  First up is the adorable and unique Kagabu plushie from Lucky Star.  Kagabu is not an official character from the series.  From some Google’ing, I found that there is a doujinshi comic in which Kagami is a pig/girl thing and this is what it’s based on.  I haven’t read the manga so I don’t actually know what it’s about ^^;  However, that didn’t stop me from wanting my own Kagabu :D

goodies 01


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