A Day Out

Spent most of the day out and about and captured a few shots I thought I’d share.  We decided to head out to Bloomington to visit some friends and the farmers’ market there.


Stopped by a local doughnut shop for some sugar energy before the hour and a half drive.


And we arrive at the Bloomington farmers’ market.


All kinds of unique sights at a farmers’ market.  Anyone like chilies?


Or maybe some fresh Oyster mushrooms? ^^;


Of course, there was lots of more common produce like this big stack of green peppers.


Honey and beewax candles.  Always liked honey but don’t look up how bees actually make it…


You can always find more than just food around too.


Farmers’ markets have a reputation for being a healthier alternative to super mart shopping.  Farmers can sell their produce directly to customers, ensuring you get the freshest stuff possible.  Also, the goods are generally grown organically without lots of pesticides, herbicides, and other junk.


On the flip-side, these growers operate on a much smaller scale and thus you tend to pay more at farmers’ market.  Are the fresher goods worth the higher price?  Anyone else shop at local markets instead of big super markets?


Fall is here in Indiana and pumpkins are in season ^^


There’s a creamery in the area and they apparently need this tall smokestack for something.  Exactly what for I have no idea.


More than just a place to buy food, folks come to this farmer’s market to socialize.  This guy brought his huge dog with him.


Had a good time but time to head home ^^.

Been a bit busy lately and I’m behind on Art Watch this week but I will have it up tomorrow ^^;

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